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My choice : Hasla Weapons

ArcheAge Tier 3 Hasla Weapons

USD $ 196.08

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								Eternal Sword of Honor
Eternal Greataxe of Loyalty
Eternal Staff of Conviction
Eternal Bow of Courage
Eternal Shield of Fortitude
Eternal Lute of Sacrifice
Eternal Compassionate Greatclub
Estimate Time:7Days

ArcheAge Tier 2 Hasla Weapons

USD $ 114.38

Product DTL >>
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								Brilliant Sword of Honor
Brilliant Greataxe of Loyalty
Brilliant Staff of Conviction
Brilliant Bow of Courage
Brilliant Shield of Fortitude
Brilliant Lute of Sacrifice
Brilliant Compassionate Greatclub
Estimate Time:3Days

ArcheAge Tier 1 Hasla Weapons

USD $ 49.02

Product DTL >>
Less del >>
								Faded Sword of Honor
Faded Greataxe of Loyalty
Faded Staff of Conviction
Faded Bow of Courage
Faded Shield of Fortitude
Faded Lute of Sacrifice
Faded Compassionate Greatclub
Estimate Time:2Days
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