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Blade and Soul Article

World PvP is an unorganized form of Blade and Soul PvP. It is unlocked at early levels right after players decide what faction they want to join. As soon as players become members of the Cerulean Order or of the Crimson Legion, they...

Blade and Soul players can strengthen their characters using a method called training. This system doesn't provide just a way to make a character more combat ready but also to customize it. There are two requirements to unlock Blade...

Skybreak Spire, the fortress from a bygone Naryu area, awaits Blade and Soul players on the isle of Khanda Vihar. In this fortress, heroes will finally get the chance to settle score with Lusung who is still controlled by the Raven...

Blade and Soul players cannot complain about the generous class selection. There are nine available options. Here's a listing of all nine classes based on play style difficulty from the easiest to the hardest. Summoners bring healing,...

Blade and Soul is an excellent game that offers you and your friends a fun environment where you can do pretty much anything. But the game has seen a little drop in player count which is why the fine developers of B&S have seen it...

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