Consistent TOTS Already in FIFA 18

On Friday, the expected TOTS (acronym of Team of the Season) arrives at FIFA 18. They will do it, as it has been tradition in previous deliveries, with the batch of the so-called consistent. They are players who have set an excellent season but who, for one reason or another, have not obtained any IF […]

May 4, 2018

Blade and Soul – Don’t Miss the Automaton Assault Event

A new Blade and Soul event is available. It’s called Automaton Assault and, as it can be expected, requires players to defeat an event boss. Something went wrong and heroes are called once again to lend a hand. While the Automaton Assault cannot rival greater threats, it’s still something that has to be dealt with […]

April 20, 2018

What is the Best and Worst of FIFA 18?

Each year EA Sports tries to offer an improved delivery of its football simulator. The proof is that FIFA 18 includes news that players have liked very much, but there are also sections that do not quite convince them. And what is the best and worst of FIFA 18? Gameplay The gameplay is pretty good, […]

April 10, 2018

CS: GO – How to Play With Friends

CS: GO can be played against users from all over the word, against friends, and against bots. There are two menu options that allow users to play against their friends. They are both found in the Play menu. One of them is Play with Friends and the other is Play with Friends (Wingman). The Play […]

March 20, 2018

Three NBA Live Mobile Sets That You Must Complete

NBA Live Mobile sets are one of the primary game modes. Sets are a central part of programs because most rewards are acquired by completing sets. But there are also sets that are not associated with any program. These three sets are found in the Front Office tab in the Sets menu. Objective Sets. This […]

March 8, 2018

FIFA 18 TOTY Forwards

Electronic Arts recently unveiled one of its best-kept secrets, the forwards that will have a TOTY (Team of the Year) card in the FIFA 18 Ultimate Team mode. As every year the month of January is one of the most important for FIFA and is which is just on these dates when the best cards […]

January 29, 2018

NBA Live 18 – How to Do Post Movement and Post Defense Moves on PlayStation 4

There are lots of NBA Live 18 moves that can be performed on the court if players know the correct button combination. Some moves are more complicated than others and also require players to be in a certain spot to be able to do them. Luckily, there are a few training modes so players can […]

January 3, 2018

NBA Live 18 – How to Get Rewards From the Player Store

NBA Live 18 players have access to an in-game store where they can get all sorts of items. There are lots of diverse items available and each is designed to improve and/or customize players’ journey into the basketball world. Just like any other store, the player store requires users to have a form of NBA […]

November 20, 2017

NBA Live 18 – The League or The Streets? Which One Do You Like Best?

NBA Live 18 has a mode called The One that gives players the opportunity to create a character and to play in different ways. The character creation feature allows players to select skills, play styles, traits, and gear. After players finish creating their characters, they can start playing The One and find out how’s it […]

November 6, 2017

What Players Think About the NBA Live Mobile Reset

It was officially announced that NBA Live Mobile will be reset in the last quarter of 2017. This is standard practice for mobile sports themed Electronic Arts games. Madden NFL Football was reset and, not too long after the NBA Live Mobile reset was announced, it was revealed that FIFA Mobile will be reset as […]

October 20, 2017