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ESO guide to basic vampire skills


The Elder Scrolls Online is a world full of rich lore and content but have you ever stopped to wonder what the vampires skills actually do? Well this ESO guide will teach you all about the skills a vampire has in ESO and how they will help you. So if you are still wondering how to be a better vampire at ESO this ESO guide will teach you. Now strap your plastic fangs on and start doing what you do best. Sucking.
Clouding Swarm (4) – Makes you invisible for duration.  PvE wise, the invisibility is nothing to get excited about, so I would not take this if exclusively PvEing (which is why it does not score a 5).  
Devouring Swarm (4) – Heals you for each target effected.
Elusive Mist (4) – Grants Major Expedition (30% movement increase).  PvE wise, again I would not make too much use of this skill, however, for PvP, reducing damage and running very fast makes for an excellent escape skill for those without a Class one.  Course, I personally play a more kill or be killed style, so I personally don’t slot it, but smarter people may want to!
Baleful Mist (2) – Deals damage to enemies nearby.  More useful in PvE than the other morph, but the damage isn’t enough to really make it worthwhile.
Final words

Well it seems that a vampire is a good choice in the world of The Elder Scrolls Online. Playing as a werewolf in ESO is fun too, but you will not get the satisfaction of munching on the neck of some random person you meet. So get your steak proof vest and lets start sucking again… Buy ESO Gold Xbox One from u7buy.com is your best decision; besides, cheap ESO Items and safe ESO Power Leveling Xbox One are on hot sale. 

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