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Long Passes in FIFA 17


FIFA 17 demands that we polish our gamer skills to the extreme! And, the number 17 version of FIFA deliveries became more realistic than ever. This forced us to play more to learn new ways of playing and, above all, to dominate all the plays and be the number 1 in the online games.
To do so, we have to use all the techniques we can; short, long passes and dribbles are just some of the things we can do to avoid the opponents and get to the opposite area. However, there are people who do not use all these strategies. That is why today, we will teach you the importance and benefits of long passes in FIFA 17.
Long Passes: The Best Kept Secret
Although it may not seem like it, long passes are more than a desperate option to get the ball out of your area, because, in addition to allowing us to reach the opposing area faster, it also allows us to confuse our opponents. Let's see why!
- Perform a game change
You may be completely surrounded by opponents when you reach the rival area; it is at that moment when you must make use of the long passes to be able to change the zone ball and to be able to advance.
- Reach the area for counterattack
When the opponent is in your area, the best thing you can do is to bust the ball out of your area; It is at this point when you must choose to launch the last attack on the opponent. If you have a striker who can receive that long pass, the opposing goalkeeper is history.
Remember to practice long passes in offline games so that you can master the online competition. So here are the things you should know about Long Passes in FIFA 17. Buy FIFA 17 Coins from u7buy, FIFA 17 comfort trade service will help you skip the transfer progress to get the coins you need. 

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