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News 2016-09-08 14:30

Pokemon Go released new update recently which named Buddy feature and trading feature. It allows players take a pokemon along with him while walking in game, and the other one allows players to do trade in game, check more in this article.

News 2016-10-11 16:30

The latest Pokémon GO update is coming for version 0.41.2 & 1.11.2. Catch bonus, evolution animation time decreased, minor bugs fixed, etc. Read the details now.

News 2016-10-19 16:29

Most Pokémon Go players know a useful app named FastPokeMap, and as it said this app will be back online soon. Is that real? Check now.

How to receive Pokemon after placed my order?​

Receive Pokemon Go Pokemon fast; get rare Pokemon, check here to get the best method to receive Pokemon

How Candy Farming/ Stardust Farming works?

Pure hand Candy Farming/ Stardust Farming service is on sale at u7buy.com! Want to know how it works? Check now.

Will the Pokemon Go account I bought get banned?

Get answer here and get tips to keep your Pokemon Go account away from getting banned.

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