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GW 2 Which Class Should You Play


Whilst the class you play should be your own personal choice, you can’t really deny that there are some that are simply better than others no matter what you want to play as. In many games this is true and so it is in Guild Wars 2 (sorry for the rhyme there). In this article we will cover the classes of Guild Wars 2 and see just which class would be the best for you. So buckle up and prepare yourself as we guide you through the world of GW 2 and help you choose a class.

What should you get?

-Medium difficulty, High Durability
Guardians are an armored hybrid class, able to fight with both sword and magic.

Easy to play, High Durability
Heavily armored and well-armed, warriors are your go-to front line brawler, built to take out opponents with ample amounts of brute force and aggression.

Easy to play, Medium Durability
Rangers are a jack-of-all-trades class, with weapons and skills to help them adapt to anything they might face.

Hard to play, Medium Durability
Engineers are one of the most unique classes in GW2, and in MMOs in general for that matter. Although only able to equip a handful of conventional weapons, engineers have access to a number of specialty weapon kits like flamethrowers and grenades, giving them a deceptive number of combat options.


The outline has been given to you and all you have to do is decide which fits best with your desired style of play. My recommendation is the engineer since it is fairly unique and with the right skill choices and profession, the Guild Wars 2 Engineer could become one of the most formidable foes in GW2. But whatever you choose, I hope you have fun in the end, because that’s what Guild Wars 2 is all about. If you need cheap GW2 gold,  u7buy is a good choice.

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