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Crafting Boxes and Satchels of Armor For GW2

GW2 has released for a few minutes, and there are more things for the players to know. The more you know, the more you get. Today we will tell you how to create the bulk recipes such boxes and satchels of armor.
In order to create the recipes, you need the following ingredients to place into the Mystic Forge in Lion's Arch:
1. Bottles of Elonian Wine
Sold by Miyani for 25s60c each
2. Arcane Crystals
Sold by Miyani for 3 skill points per 5 crystals
3. Mystic Coins
4. Base item
For this particular recipe, you need the following ingredients:
1. 1x Bottle of Elonian Wine
2. 4x Arcane Crystal
3. 2x Mystic Coin
4. 1x Mighty Chain Coat
It's fair to say that higher crafting skill items will cost lot more than lower skill ones as witnessed above so make sure that you're saving up your Mystic Coins for the recipes that you want first and foremost.
After you create the bulk recipes, you will be play game more easily. If you want to play game easier than this, you can choose to buy GW2 gold and Guild Wars 2 power leveling to help you to enjoy the exciting and challenging games. We will be here waiting for you.
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