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NBA 2K18 Article

Playing NBA 2K18 on the Nintendo Switch console is a bit different than on others systems. Players will still be able to perform all moves on the court but the buttons are different depending on how players use the Nintendo Switch...

Lots of unique NBA 2K18 cards are introduced with the newest MyTeam collection, Bench Boost Players. All the players in this set are carefully crafted so they bring not only improvements when placed in a team but also a tactical...

NBA 2K18 and Gamestop have teamed up to offer a deal that is hard to ignore. Those who will get the Legend Gold game edition get an amazing bonus of 500,000 coins to use in the game. This is a one of a kind opportunity for those who...

MyTeam is an NBA 2K18 mode that features lots of player cards. One of the largest collections of cards is Historic Players. This set pays tribute to past NBA legends. It includes famous players from numerous teams. Players can be...

Coins are not transferable. Many NBA 2K18 players are veterans of the series who have most likely acquired a nice sum of coins in previous game installments. It would indeed be awesome to be able to transfer coins from an older game...

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