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How to Get Level 30 Gear in DCUO


Gear is obtained by earning the right DC Universe online gold and buying the gear basically. Most of the 30 gear is purchased from vendors in the Watchtower or the Hall of Doom.  But some of the PvP gear is only available at the green lantern corps when your faction is in control of the Ring War battle zone. Here is a basic rundown of the currency needed, and how to get it.

PVP Gear:
Marks of Victory
- You start earning this currency with every Arena and Legends match. Once you reach level 30. Marks of Victory are used to buy Purple PvP gear from Green Lanter Corps at the Ring War, or vendors in the Watchtower and Hall of Doom.  This is currently the best PvP gear attainable in the game.

PVE Gear:
Marks of Triumph
- you will obtain this currency from Duos, Hard Mode alerts and raids once you reach 30. You can also exchange 10 Marks of Allegiance for 1Marks of Triumph. You can buy tier 1 PvE gear with this currency in the Watchtower or Hall of Doom.

Marks of Distinction - Typically once you have a full set of tier 1 PvE gear, you will be able to complete hard mode 'star' raids and duos. While you can enter the hard mode raids and alerts without T1 gear, these are much more difficult and some find impossible to complete.  Starred duos will award you 1 Mark of Distinction as a bonus and starred Alerts will award you 2 Marks of Distinction as a bonus.  Marks of Distinction are used to buy tier 2 PvE gear, currently the best PvE gear, and by far the best DPS gear in the game.

Marks of Allegiance - These are awarded from some daily quests and instances at level 30. They can be used to buy general non role specific gear or can be converted into Marks of Triumph.  When completing some Daily Quests or Challenges you will receiveMarks of Allegiance and gain Tech/Meta/Magic Renown, depending on the Challenges. You must be of highest Renown in order to buy the Mo Allegiance Armor Set, and complete the Double Star Rank feat.
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