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TERA Online Mounts Guide


If you are a Tera player, and eager to do well with tera power leveling, then we sincerely hope this tera mounts guide can help you more or less.

Buy mount you can have normal horses or racehorses as mounts. Both can be bought with Tera Gold in the item shop with moonstones. To get moonstones you have to top them up on the website under account. Afterwards, click on the button shop in the game, select a horse and click on buy.

When you have bought the horse, it will be put into your shop inventory and from there you can put it into your normal character inventory. You can do this by pulling the symbol into your inventory or by clicking on get Tera Online Gold.

Create mount when the horse is shown in your inventory; just double click on the horse symbol. The window summon appears. Click on the button Summon Companion to summon your horse. You can give your horse a name here. Type it into the text field and click on Yes.

Use mount you can open the accompanying menu via the key P. Choose your horse, click on evocate and then your horse will appear next to you. Right click on the horse and the horse menu will open. You can click the button Mount on the menu to mount the horse and to ride through the world of Tera with him. To dismount, right click on the horse and click on the button Dismount.

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