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League of Legends News 04/30/2012

Now,u7buy is offering League of Legends Power leveling, LOL Power leveling for players. Getting 6000 League of Legends Influence Points will only cost you $54.036 after 5% off, and the estimate time is 2 days. here is the details: 1. Influence...

League of Legends News 04/17/2012

League of Legends has been released for not a long time,and now u7buy is offering LoL power leveling to our customers.Here is one package for League of Legends power leveling 1 - 20, which will cost you only $55.55,and our leveler will get your...

League of Legends News 03/26/2012

In a recent League of Legends patch, a new champion was born: the mischievous Lulu, the Fae Sorceress. Her abilities include: Pix, Faerie Companion Pix fires magical bolts of energy whenever his owner attacks another enemy...

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