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Madden 17 Article

Well boys it’s that time of the month again when another EA game has been shown to have possible scripted content. With the way FIFA 17 went off with the shady scripting it could be possible that Madden NFL 17 is scripted as...

So you are starting up Madden NFL 17 to play for the 456th hour and you want to start Franchise mode again. But you feel that something is off, don’t you? Well I know how you feel my friend because there are 3 ways to play...

Madden 17 has become quite the competitive game since its release and its no wonder that a lot of people are trying to get better at Madden though reading tips, buying currencies or just flat out cheating. In this article we...

This is an aspect of the game where, if you make a wrong move, you are royally screwed for the rest of the game and you will have to restart. In Franchise mode for Madden 17 , you will have to pick your team carefully in order to...

Whenever you play Franchise mode in Madden 17 you tend to find yourself lost amongst all the possible things that could go wrong. This means that everything from positioning to scouting is key to a successful game. In this...

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