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Pokémon Go Article

The first daily PokeStop and caught Pokemon come with a 500 XP bonus each. This means at least 1000 XP per day without much effort. It's easy to get a PokeStop on the way to work, school or any other place. Pokemons spawn everywhere...

Pokemon GO has grown into an absurdly large phenomenon in every corner of the globe but there are things in Pokemon Go that really drive people nuts. This time it’s the whole, pokemon fled message and the meaning behind it. Trust me when I...

Pokemon GO is slowly becoming one of the greatest apps that has taken phones by storm. Pokemon GO offers a lot of people a chance to experience the pokemon universe in our world. This is all fine and dandy but there are some...

Well we have had our break from hunting down pokemon in secluded alleys full of junkies and meth dealers but it’s time to go back to Pokémon Go because the New Year’s Event is now live. This event will go on for months and during...

Well Christmas came and went, for Catholics anyway, and games like Pokemon Go are still releasing special gifts for their faithful players. Pokemon GO specifically has released a neat little event that will surely get you a lot of...

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