Riders of Icarus

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Although we always try to do the best, just in case we can’t satisfy you, this is our refund policy.
1. Our refund policy is apply for the following situation: We cannot complete customers’ order on time or if the operation fault is made by our staff.
2. You can contact via the mrgamegroup@yahoo.ca or 24/7 live chat for your problems on orders. We will check as soon as we get your request. The     refund time might vary to the different payments, paypal money will be back in 24 hours.
3. U7buy provide three forms for refunding. Non-delivery and Partial, we will deliver products. If your order is non-delivery, you can get full money refund.     Partial-delivery, we offer part money refund.

Riders of Icarus Article

If you want to be a wizard in Riders of Icarus you will have to follow a few simple rules. Basically, you will have to follow some tips when it comes to playing a wizard in RoI but after all of that you will have the full freedom to...

Rangers seem to be the corner stone of a lot of MMORPG’s and a favored class amongst the newer players of a game. And it seems that, with this new class, Riders of Icarus is going to see a new influx of players pretty soon thanks...

Well hello there dear fans of Riders of Icarus and welcome to another article that will try to give you tips in order to boost your performance, think of it as Viagra for Riders of Icarus… Here you will learn some of the little tips...

Riders of Icarus is an excellent game where you can get rich fairly quickly, if you know a few tips and tricks. In this Riders of Icarus guide you will learn how to become a rich man in no time, if you follow it to the letter. So...

Riders of Icarus is a game that allows you to live out your childhood fantasy of capturing pore defenseless animas and then subjecting them to heinous conditions just for your own personal use. But, not only can you ruin the lives...

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