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WoW Power Leveling Warm Tips
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World of Warcraft Article

The next chapter in the World of Warcraft adventure has been unveiled at Blizzcon 2017. The expansion, Battle for Azeroth, is confirmed and details have been revealed. The story goes back to Warcraft roots with a focus on factions'...

Hallow's End is World of Warcraft's reinterpretation of Halloween. The in-game event is celebrated in the last part of October. The event starts on the 18th of October and lasts until the 1st of November. The festivities honor the...

Beast Mastery is a World of Warcraft Hunter specialization that allows the player to cast abilities while moving. Because of this mechanic, Beast Mastery is the recommended specialization for new players that are just starting with...

Harvest Festival. This event celebrates Azeroth's champions from September 9th to September 16th. During the event, players will be tasked with the quest “Honoring a Hero” and receive lore items and consumables. The quest is easily...

Come August 30, 2017, World of Warcraft adventurers are given the chance to free Azeroth from the Burning Legion as the last major patch goes live. Patch 7.3 called Shadow of Argus puts an ending to the story that began one year...

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