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How to quickly defeat the first four Nighthold bosses in World of Warcraft


Skorpyron blocks the path towards the rest of the Nighthold bosses so he must be taken down first. Some adds will spawn once in a while. Killing them is the number one priority for damage dealers. The boss will turn a random direction and inflict heavy damage that multiples with each hit target. All players should move out of the way of the Focused Blast. During an ability called Shockwave players need to seek cover behind Broken Shards. The boss becomes stunned for 15 seconds and takes 100% more damage during Exoskeletal Vulnerability so cooldowns should be saved for this phase. 
Chronomatic Anomaly is the second encounter. This boss can slow and increase time flow. Although the boss has lots of abilities this encounter is actually very easy. Players need to immediately kill the add and interrupt its spell casting. There will be some waves of damage that can be avoided. Inflicted damage is not that high so healers can afford to heal some damage dealers. The important thing in this fight is for tanks to switch at eight stacks of Chronometric Particle. 
Trilliax, the next boss, requires some tactics but just like the other two before him he won't give players much trouble. In the first phase, some damage dealers have to eat the Succulent Feasts that the boss puts on the ground and tanks have to swap at two stacks of Arcane Slash. In second phase, players affected by Arcing Bonds should sit next to each other. The boss will move to the center of the room and cast some laser beams that do damage if they hit a player. In the third phase, some robots spawn and start clearing the room. They should be left alone until they start casting Cleansing Destruction when players that ate the Succulent Feasts move to them and soak the damage. 
Spellblade Aluriel is the first challenging Nighthold boss. Players must first need to learn how to deal with three debuffs. Two players with the frost debuff can get rid of it by moving next to each other. This will cause an explosion that deals damage and transfers the debuff to a third player. It's necessary to juggle this debuff because it stacks. Players with the arcane and fire debuffs must move away from others. if you guys got any problem with this, buy wow power level service from u7buy.com will help you out.  Adds will spawn and they must be dealt with as soon as possible. This fight is challenging because it requires awareness, constant moving, target switching, careful positioning and enough cheap WOW gold support. 

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