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Q&A For Black Desert Online


To help all beginners know black desert online well, i summarized five common questions and i will give their answers in this article. The details as following.

Q:How is the longevity of the game looking?
A: My personal opinion, at present, it is almost no end game content, it is mainly gearing up to do something with the guild. Crafts and housing are excellent in this game. Far higher than other similar games more interesting and complex.
Q:Is black desert online based on the graphics and little game play just like ESO, Or is it a combination of other great MMORPGS?
A: Graphics for the character creation in black desert online is different from other games. You can learn more highly your character from head to toe who you want them to Yes. Since most games just behind character creation I want to say it is that you do not see any hint of this in an older game elements.
Q:Will the transaction give the players who want buy a boost and is it strictly cosmetic.
A: Cash shop is just trinkets and its a heavy handed cash shop. Things are not cheap but you dont need the items so its up to you if you wanna get upset a cosmetic outfit costs $29 bucks.
Q: How is the PVP in black desert online?
A: I am sure it will be great, but no one now can give out a right judge for PVP before a large amount of community. Started to get a shot of what BD can feel judged. You should make sure what you want, there are so many types of PVP, freedom PVP, Team, cooperation, or a small group of friends. To take out the castle, and hold.
Q: Is it possible to use the arrow keys to move and look around? Just like we do in WOW.
A: Yes. You can change the inputs via the settings menu.

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