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Trading in Black Desert Online


Usually, trading profession involves buying from a tade administrator or crafting trade packs, at the same time, you can transport deliver them for a profit. You can carry the trade pack by yourself or use a donkey or a horse, wagon or boat. You may be attacked by the bandits along the roads if you are transporting a trade pack. In addition, you should make sure the nodes connected to make a profit. 

At the beginning, you can only transport items between a few towns. And you can unlock higher quality items when you reach higher profession rank. And then you can start transporting Imperial Trading packs and illegal trading packs. Imperial trading is similar to normal trading and it isn’t always available at random times in black desert online. When imperial trading is available, normal trading goods will be marked to indicate they are available for imperial trading. Buy these items and deliver them to the town.Keep in mind, when you arrive, you need to sell the pack to an Imperial Delivery NPC rather than a trade administrator. Another kind of trading is illegal trading. These packages only from a NPC, and 10pm between 7am they are spawning. You must be a higher level of expertise or goods purchased. The package costs between 30,000 and 100,000 silver, weighing about 300LT. When you buy a package, you will be labeled as illegal traders, your head bright red icon. You will also be marked as PVP and once you sell you will lose (per piece) 5000 karma. You can create between 50,000 to 100,000 silver per package you head it is worth noting that even if you have a package deal is dead, you will not lose. 

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