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Blade and Soul – What You Need to Know About the Warlock


Warlocks are one of the available Blade and Soul classes. The difficulty associated with this class is normal so it's a good choice for an MMORPG novice. The Warlock resembles a traditional mage or a spell caster. The role performed is ranged DPS with a hint of party support. Armor and defense are not a Warlock's best features. Members of this class rely on their powerful spells to kill the enemy before it gets too close. Dark magic and talismans are used by the Warlock. These items are used as energy or resource to cast offensive and defensive spells. Spikes, chain, and all sorts of weapons are summoned when talismans are spent. 
The most important thing to keep in mind when playing a Warlock is the distance between them and their targets. If the opponent gets too close, this could be the end as the Warlock is not made for defense. Luckily, this class has some really nice tricks to keep enemies at distance. Thralls are combat pets that fight for their Warlock masters. This is not a permanent pet, it will despawn after a short while. Debuffs and spells are used to weaken the enemy and to drain their HP. The brand debuff makes the enemy take more damage from certain spells. The target debuff enables the caster to perform instant cast spells. Players can also use crowd control abilities that keep enemies in place to give them time to perform long cast spells. The Warlock also uses abilities that reduce cooldown for powerful spells. 
When playing with other Blade and Soul users, Warlocks help the group with their Soulburn ability. This resets cooldowns for all members of the group. The ability also makes group members enter the awakened state and boost their abilities. When fighting against other players, Warlocks will want to make use of their instant cast spells and debuffs that make enemies vulnerable. The races that can be trained to become a Warlock are Jin and Lyn. If you play with Warlock, cheap Blade and Soul gold will help you a lot to enjoy the game. Also BNS Power Leveling service will help you reach the desired level fast and easy. 

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