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Blade and Soul – What You Need to Know Before Choosing Lyn Race


Lyn is one of the four Blade and Soul race choices. Players who select this race can create both male and female avatars. Just like the other three races, the Lyn race doesn't come with racial perks that influence character development but they do have a background and a unique physical appearance. Although they look humanoid, Lyns actually come from an animal race. They evolved from the race known as Kirin. Their aspect changed with time but they have two unique characteristics that show their ancestry. Lyn members have tall bunny like ears and a tail. They are short and have a cute innocent look that hides their insightful nature. The ears and the tail are just the physical traits. They also inherited Kirin's ability to get out of trouble and to perceive the true nature of people. It's pretty hard, almost impossible, to trick a Lyn. They might look gullible but they will rapidly sense if someone is trying to trick or cheat them. Another ability inherited from the Kirin is the power to tap into the Spirit Realm that enables them to form a special bond with familiars. Lyns will easily change their mind and will appear unpredictable and unreliable but the truth is that they are just as combat apt as any other Blade and Soul race. 
The class choices associated with this class are blade dancer, summoner, force master, and warlock. There are no other Blade and Soul races that can become blade dancers. The blade dancer is a DPS class that borrows mechanics from the blade master and the force master. Blade dancers specialize in sword fighting, single target damage, and crowd control. Summoner is another Lyn only class. The pet is the summoner's unique class mechanic. Summoners fight using a familiar as a combat ally. The familiar has a melee combat style while the summoner specializes in ranged attacks. Summoners provide group support with healing and defensive abilities. Force masters and warlocks are spell casters. These classes are not Lyn restricted. 
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