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Blade and Soul - How to Use the Wheel of Fate


Blade and Soul players use the Wheel of Fate to acquire soul shields, weapons, and costumes. This is similar to a lottery feature. Players risk special tokens for a chance to get items from the above categories. The tokens used for Wheels of Fate are essences and valor stones. Essences are obtained as quest items and from killing world bosses from a specific area. Players will spend one essence for one spin of the wheel. The reward is randomly determined each time players spin the wheel. Players can acquire soul packs that contain three, five, or eight shields. The weapon chest contains a class specific weapon if it is opened with a special key or a randomly generated class weapon if the chest is opened with a regular key. Players can also get costumes and adornments. 
Obviously, the most sought items are the soul shields and the weapon. It's worth mentioning that not all soul shields and weapons from a Wheel of Fate represent an upgrade. Players can look up in advance what soul shields and what weapon will drop and then decide if they will pursue it with Blade and Soul gold or not. The essences needed to play the Wheel of Fate are acquired when killing world bosses that can be pretty challenging. In most cases, soloing the boss is not really an option. It takes at least two players to kill it. As the rewards are randomly generated, players might end up wasting time farming the boss for some items that are not such a big improvement, if one at all. That's why is recommended to check out the loot list beforehand. Players will normally kill the boss at least one time as it's part of a daily task. If you don't have, cheap Blade and Soul Power Leveling service will help with that. There are a couple Wheels of Fate scattered throughout the world. The first one is in Viridian Coast and it requires players to kill Stalker Jiangshi for essences. Pinchy and the Golden Deva are two Wheel of Fate bosses found in the Cinderlands. Lycan the Mighty, King Kaary, and Profane Jiangshi are Moonwater Plains bosses. 

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