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How to Upgrade Blade and Soul Characters Using the Training System


Blade and Soul players can strengthen their characters using a method called training. This system doesn't provide just a way to make a character more combat ready but also to customize it. There are two requirements to unlock Blade and Soul training feature. Players need to achieve level 15. The second requirement is to complete Chapter 17 of the primary quest. Both of these two requirements could be finished by cheap BNS Power Leveling service online. Players are given one skill point for each completed level. These points are used to unlock various abilities and customization options. Blade and Soul training is not much different from specializations on other MMORPGs. Training allows characters to learn new combat moves. Abilities that were previously unlocked are upgraded with the training feature. Upgrading an ability doesn't always mean making it more powerful in terms of damage output. Players use the training option to extend the duration of their abilities or to access more combo options. One handy feature is the ability to forget all training by resetting skill points so players are free to reassign points to unlock other skills. 
There are two types of training skills available. Active skills are abilities that must be manually activated by the player. The other skills are considered utility skills. Each utility skill depends on an active skill so players will have to unlock the active skill before customizing it with a utility perk. Each Blade and Soul class has unique training skills. Hongmoon Techniques are maximum level abilities. It takes two points to obtain such skills. They are very powerful and also have certain unlock requirements. That's why these skills are considered end game talents. Players need to complete both PvE and PvP content in order to unlock them. Hongmoon levels are part of the Blade and Soul end game content. Players begin acquiring them at level 45. Each Hongmoon level is an opportunity to boost attributes and to obtain more skill points. At the moment, there are 20 of these levels and more are expected to come with future updates. At last, remember go to u7buy.com when you want to buy BNS Gold cheap

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