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The Assassin Skills In Blade And Soul

Assassin is one of Blade & Soul classes, and the skill of it is pretty useful for you to fight with other players. The more skills you master, the more Blade and Soul gold you will get. The following is the skill of Assassin:
The Assassin class appears to have stealth capabilities. It is unknown how long this state of stealth will last, if not permanent until canceled manually or through the use of other spells.
The Assassin class also seems to know their way around bombs, utilizing flash bombs to sneak away quickly or destruction bombs to blow their enemies up into the sky!
Assassins are very deceptive and tricky. They can easily disorient their opponents, leaving them dazed and confused.
Assassins seem to have an AoE (Area of Effect) type of ability where they rain numerous shuriken down on selected position.
The above is the Blade and Soul Assassin skills. When you master this skill, your level will be high than others. If you do not master this skill, your level will be lower in this time you can buy Blade & Soul power leveling to help you to level your character. The more detailed information about it, please contact our CSR to know.
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