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Blade and Soul – Blade and Ghoul Event 2018


Blade and Soul players have the chance to celebrate Halloween with a new Blade and Ghoul event. This event is a permanent game addition but it changes with each year. Last year, players had the chance to acquire special items from a mysterious merchant that spawned in dungeons. This year, they have new activities. The event starts on October 17th and it's available until November 7th. 
Players will start by completing three daily quests. They must first travel to Zaiwei Ruins. The rewards for completing the quests include some special currency that can be used during the event. Killer coins and Thriller coins are event currencies. The main event objective is to gather currencies and to exchange them for rewards. Players are advised to start with the daily challenges that will grant them two Killer coins. Both types of coins have the chance to drop from chests that are acquired as a reward from game activities. Killing event bosses rewards players with a sinister swag chest that may contain one Thriller BNS Gold. These coins can also drop from the crate that is acquired when players kill Tarakhan. If players also defeat Visasa, they get another chest that can contain both types of coins. All these chests and crates contain lots of other items, not just coins. Enemies in Zaiwei Ruins may also carry coins but the chance to obtain them this way is rather low. 
The coins are used at the Dragon Express. There are many items that are bought with coins as currency. The most popular are the Night Fortune costume and the Jack O'Lantern Mask adornment. Other items that can be obtained with event coins are sacred vial and pet pack. Another use for the coins is to transmute XP charms. More event related items can be bought from the store. There are some new costumes such as Ghoulish, Flowerfall, and Prep School. There are also illusion weapons available. Players should take advantage of the 50% XP buff and do some Blade and Soul power leveling during the event.

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