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Blade and Soul – Celestial Dawn Features


Nightfall Sanctuary Part II. The last part of the Nightfall Sanctuary raid is available. There are two more bosses to defeat. The Scorptamaton is a giant robotic scorpion that has sharp claws, a tail capable of dealing high damage, and venomous attacks. The last boss is the Grand Celestial Emperor. This fight requires team effort and coordination. 
Circle of Sundering. The new solo heroic dungeon unlocks after players have completed Chapter 20 of Act 8. It is advised that players have level 55 and Hongmoon level 16. There is a quest and two daily quests associated with this dungeon. The rewards list includes a new costume, adornment, and items that can be acquired in exchange for dungeon specific tokens. 
Weaponsmith's Forge. This is an event during which the requirements to upgrade weapons are significantly lowered. The event is a PvE one. Players will earn tokens from dungeons and spend them for rewards at the Dragon Express. 
Raid Crusade. This event is dedicated to those that like to run raids. Completing the weekly challenges while the event is active will grant restoration items to use in raids. 
Tropical Treasure Trove. This is a summer themed event in which any character that has at least level 36 can take part. Players get a chest that can be opened for free once a day. The items inside can be bought with Blade and Soul gold. Premium options allow players to get more rewards from these troves. 
Items update. The patch changes the items and rewards system. There will be more items received as rewards when completing activities on hard mode. Celestial Basin rewards were improved as well. The crafting system was also revised and new items were added. A new accessory augment system is part of the game. Players will be able to enhance their legendary accessories with a new stat. The first thing to do is to run battlegrounds and hard mode dungeons to acquire psyche, a new token. Each type of token comes with certain stats and can be used for an accessory type. 

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