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Blade and Soul – False Idols Update


Blade and Soul players are preparing to face new enemies in the latest content update. False Idols will be available starting on July 25th. The update brings a game event and new end game content. The Fortune Falls event will have players test their fishing skills. They must travel to the Jadestone Village where they will fish for rewards. During the event, players have the opportunity to obtain a better fleeting pet aura. They can also get the awakened Hongmoon pet aura. Many other rewards are available in the Fortune Falls event. The Star Power costume is one of them. Those who are premium members have extra rewards waiting for them. They will get items and BNS Gold that are used for customization and better rewards when they log into the game. 
The new raids require that adventurers deal with two terrible creations. The Grand Celestial Emperor dream of immortality concluded with the built of two servants that will continue to impose his will after his death. These servants are two automatons and they have been awakened by the Kuranos Cube. Adventurers must deal with them as they are highly dangerous. They are powerful enemies. Players will encounter them as raid bosses. One of the new raids is called Hall of the Keeper and the other one is the Hall of the Templar. The raids are designed for teams of 12 players. They must be level 55 and have Hongmoon level 12 which you could reach fast and easy with Blade and Soul Power Leveling service. The requirement to have access to the raids is to have the Chapter 5 of the Emperor's Tomb quest line completed. There will be three quests for the new raids. Just like other raids, the new ones also have a reset time which is on Wednesday. 
The two new bosses are the Barrier Keeper and the Templar. They are not that powerful as the Nightfall Sanctuary bosses but they're still raid bosses so they will not be easily defeated. However, players have lots of reasons to take them down. Following the victory over the Keeper and the Templar, players will get blood pearls, Hive Queen's wings, Aransu orbs, a weapon illusion, and many other alluring rewards. More details about False Idols update are expected in the upcoming week. 

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