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Blade and Soul – Irontech Forge Preview


Irontech Forge is a Blade and Soul dungeon. Players that want to complete it should first level up a character to 50 which you could reach fast with cheap BnS Power Leveling. The dungeon can only be completed in a group. Six players form a team dungeon. There are two modes available for this dungeon. Normal mode provides a moderate level of difficulty while hard mode is a challenging experience. Blade and Soul players will want to complete this dungeon because the rewards list contains some items that are needed for legendary items. Stages 7-9 for the Raven Weapons are obtained with black stones found in the dungeon. Another legendary item, this time a soul badge, can be obtained with the use of a divine grace stone from Irontech dungeon. The legendary soul badge is the result of mixing two matching soul badges. The new item has properties from the ones used to craft it. Each class has its legendary soul badge. Besides these two items, players will receive other useful rewards for completing the dungeon. 
To discover the dungeon, players must adventure under the Celestial Basin. The dungeon lies under its ruins. A long time ago, the dungeon belonged to Talus Dominion who used it as a soulstone mine and a research facility for weapons. The workers were not happy with the leadership so they organized themselves into the Iron Army and defeated their masters. 
The work and research in the Irontech Forge continued under a new rulership. 
The Iron Army grew stronger and their expansion plans now include the entire region. Players must stop the Iron Army while it still hasn't unleashed its advanced weaponry onto the world. Irontech Forge houses robot like monsters. Players will fight against enemies equipped in automatic armors and against cyborgs. The final boss is the Chief Mechanizer. He is more machine than being and he will put on a great fight. Blade and Soul players can use the party finder to search for a dungeon group or team up with friends and clan members. And players could buy Blade and Soul gold from online stores like u7buy to save more time. 

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