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Blade and Soul – What You Need to Know About the Summoner


Blade and Soul players that want to control a team of two characters can pick the Summoner class. The only race that can learn this fighting style is Lyn. The Summoner has a unique mechanic, it fights with a pet. Also called a familiar, the pet performs the role of a tank. The pet fights with melee abilities that deal physical damage. The pet's role is to keep the enemy occupied and away from its master. Meanwhile, the Summoner casts spells that are meant to finish off the enemy. 
The Summoner is effective as long as the enemy's attention is focused on the familiar. This is why this class has some abilities that restrict the opponent's movement by keeping it in place. The goal is to prevent the enemy from getting close. The Summoner doesn't have much armor but it does have a few defensive abilities. The majority of their spells are earth and wind based abilities but they also use skills that are not connected to a natural element. It's advised to use items that boost elemental damage to get the most out of your earth and wind abilities. This is the preferred play style for end game content. The Summoner is a popular class for multiplayer because it is the only class that can multi-heal. The familiar can even substitute a tank for a while. 
The Summoner is a good choice for Blade and Soul novices. It's not hard to play it and it's one of the most beginner friendly classes, however, it takes a fair amount of skill to discover its full potential. It can be a very strong class that has no problem with content that is normally meant for multiplayer. Another advantage of this class is the dual resurrection mechanic. When the familiar or the Summoner dies, it can be resurrected by the other. This is a very powerful skill as it practically gives the player a second chance. The Summoner performs well in PvP as well. Party support skills and survivability make the Summoner one of the best Blade and Soul classes for both beginner and veteran players. At last, remember to buy Blade and Soul gold from u7buy which offer the cheapest price and safe delivery for all BNS players. 

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