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Blade and Soul Gets An Update and A New Class in Warden's Fury


Good news for those who were expecting a new Blade and Soul class. The Warden's Fury update that is planned for September 12th contains a new class. The new class is called the Warden. It has two functions. It can be a tank or a dps. Players are given a Wandering Swordsman pack as a gift. The only thing they have to do is to register on the website before the update goes live. Registering is very easy, players just to sign in with their account. 
The pack contains cosmetic items like a costume and a hair style. It also has the Endless Fury illusion weapon chest and a stage 1 pet aura. Players have to be at least 50 to use the last one. The same level requirement is necessary for the fleeting fury soul and Hongmoon XP charm. All these items can be used with the new class but players can use them on one of their existing characters as well. Those who are worried about character slots will be happy to know that a free one can be obtained from the store. However, the offer expires so make sure to catch it. Players who are subscribed to the Blade and Soul newsletter get an extra reward. They will be able to enjoy premium benefits for free for seven days and they will also receive some Blade and Soul gold and items that are usable in one of the fall events. 
In addition to the new class, the Warden's Fury update has a new story quest and content. Players will be able to advance into the Blade and Soul story and discover what happens in Act 9. There will be many new quests to complete and rewards to obtain. Besides questing and completing the new story Act, players will also have a new dungeon. The Shadowmoor is the new dungeon that comes in this update. There is more content to do as there will be two fall events going on. 

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