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How to Get Summer Outfits in Blade and Soul During the Fortune Falls Event


Fortune Falls is a new Blade and Soul dungeon. The opening event lasts for one month during which players can acquire special items. Taigong's Hideaway was invaded by party goers who, instead of making the place more fun, turned it into an undesirable location. The oasis was always a quiet, relaxing place with an amazing view that compelled travelers and adventures to take a break and to enjoy a few moments fishing or just watching the spectacular waterfall. This was the most serene place in Moonwater Plains and everyone liked it that way. But trouble has a way of its own and trouble came to the Taigong oasis when a couple of up to no good individuals discovered it. The crystalline waters have been turned into an alcoholic liquid that affected the wildlife. The oasis is no longer a calm place as its inhabitants are now restless and looking to get into a fight with anyone. Blade and Soul players are given the task to clean up the place and drive away the invaders. Taigong is the one that assigns them with this task. Players must defeat Zulia, Kegleg Jeg, and purify the waters so the fish, raptors,  and any other creatures that live there can get back to normal. 
There are two ways to enter the dungeon. Players can first travel to the Jadestone village and access the dungeon from there. The second option is to use the dungeon lobby feature. The end boss is Kegleg Jeg but before getting to him players will have to make their way through a band of drunken Ploggles. Players will be rewarded with ruby coolers for their services. This is a consumable that can be also used as currency. Consuming it applies a nice buff that lasts for 30 minutes during which players have increased critical, defense, AP, HP, and HP regeneration. Players who decide to keep the drinks can spend them at the Dragon Express for outfits and weapon skins. Seven outfits and six skins are available. XP charms, forging orbs, and a few other items can also be bought using coolers as currency. Ruby coolers can be acquired by completing the Fortune Falls daily dungeon quest, from daily and weekly challenges, as reward from the Dawn of Khanda Vihar dynamic quest, or from the Blade and Soul Hongmoon store. 
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