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Introducing Skybreak Spire and Dawn of Khanda Vihar raids in Blade and Soul


Skybreak Spire, the fortress from a bygone Naryu area, awaits Blade and Soul players on the isle of Khanda Vihar. In this fortress, heroes will finally get the chance to settle score with Lusung who is still controlled by the Raven King. There will be many bosses guarding the path and adventurers must down them all before Lusung can receive punishment for his Hongmoon betrayal. Skybreak Spire is a Blade and Soul 24 man end game raid. Only those who have the best gear stand a chance against Lusung and his protectors. Teams must also work together to complete all challenges. Rewards will match players' effort. Skybreak Spire loot list contains best in slot soul shields. All classes can acquire a legendary accessory when defeating Skybreak Spire bosses. Players can also acquire items that once belonged to the Raven King. These items are used to upgrade Baleful or Seraph weapons. 
Khanda Vihar was a bastion of Naryu culture. The island was under the protection of the Great Drake. Unfortunately the guardian fell victim to corruption when the very people it was protecting tampered with Dark Realm forces. In a final attempt to shelter the innocents, the Great Drake created the alternate reality that is known as Dawn of Khandra Vihar. Heroes must prepare to enter Dawn of Khandra Vihar and fight whatever enemies stand in their path. The final Dawn of Khanda Vihar boss is Meganura, the corrupted Great Drake. Twenty four players are needed to take down the bosses. Each encounter is more difficult than the last one culminating with a challenging fight against Meganura. Both raids have a weekly reset. They also share a lockout. Players are advised to check a team's weekly progression before joining a raid group. If they join a team that already defeated some bosses they will not be able to fight them anymore and must wait for the weekly reset. 
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