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Take Part In The Soul Badge Blitz Event In Blade and Soul


Starting with mid June 2017, Blade and Soul players have a new event on their activities list. The Soul Badge Blitz allows them to try on soul badges and to earn rewards. The event starts on June 14. Tokens acquired during the event can be exchanged for items until August 15. 
While the event is active, players can take part in seven activities that reward them with fleeting soul badge chests. These activities require players to complete dungeons and a raid. There are six daily dungeons and one weekly raid. Each day players will complete a different dungeon. The raid is Dawn of Khanda Vihar, one of the newest activities introduced in the latest expansion. Players get one or two chests from the dungeons and three from the raid. One free chest is available per day from the Hongmoon Store. A chest contains a soul badge that can be used for only one hour. The chests can also contain lunar pearls. These items can be kept and spent at the game store until mid August. Some of the items that are acquired in exchange for pearls are XP charms, sacred oil and outfits. Another type of chests called permanent soul badge give players the rare opportunity to get a soul badge that doesn't expire. These chests can be bought from the store using pearls. The permanent chests cannot be traded but they can be sent to another character on the same account. 
The event grants Blade and Soul players access to the daily dash activity. Free members are given four daily spins while premium subscribers get six. This activity requires players to advance through a board. Each time they land on an item they are given that item as reward. The prize list includes sparkling venture and accessory tokens, legendary gem hammer, silverfrost keys, raids reset and more. Those who manage to complete the entire board are rewarded with two lucky charm pouches. Soul Badge Blitz lasts until July 26. Let's join this event together and buy Blade and Soul Gold and cheap BNS Power Leveling from u7buy.

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