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What is Planned for Blade and Soul in 2018


The producer of Blade and Soul, Jonathan Lien, outlined the plans for the game in 2018. The second half of the year is going to be just as busy as the first one. The game is known the have regular updates and content additions that keep veteran players on their toes and give new players reasons to discover the game. 
The plans for 2018 are ambitious. We don't know details like release dates so far. One of the biggest additions is the new tanking class. No name for it was yet revealed. This new archetype is a powerful warrior that fights with a two-handed great sword. Its attacks are damaging but they require some form of sacrifice. While some classes use focus as a resource, the new class will use HP. This goes only for some special skills. Players will have to do some serious, but quick, thinking should they sacrifice HP for damage. The new class can withstand impressive amounts of damage thanks to its tanking capabilities. It has abilities that reduce damage and also ones that provide immunity to various debuffs. 
The story will continue with Act 9. It's a good idea to be up to date with story quests to be able to start the new ones as soon as they're available. Players will test their combat skills in new heroic dungeons and raids. New challenges require new equipment. Heroes will be able to improve and personalize their gear. More cosmetic items will also be released. One favorite MMORPG activity that is missing from Blade and Soul is fishing. Players can rest assured as fishing, among other systems, is coming to the game. In addition to all these updates, players should also expect events and holidays on regular basis. There was not announced whether the PvP side will receive any updates or additions, however, the team assured players that all their feedback regarding this aspect of the game is considered. The plan for next year is even more ambitious. Blade and Soul is set to have an engine update from Unreal Engine 3 to 4. 

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