10 Best Horror Games on Steam of All Time

best steam horror games


Buying games on PC has never been easier than with Steam. Steam offers a great range of genres that one may enjoy, from charming cozy titles that assist in relaxation to more extreme experiences including horror games.

For many years, gamers have been drawn toward horror as a popular genre; numerous horrific games cover both consoles and the PC. Unlike other platforms, Steam lets dozens of previously unheard-of horror games get an opportunity to reach players who could love them. Steam has some of the best horror games, and given their variety, all sorts of players are sure to discover something they’ll like.

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10. Phasmophobia

Release date: 2014 (early access) | Developer: Kinetic Games

Steam allows one to enjoy among the best ghost-hunting horror games. Phasmophobia is a title one may enjoy with friends in addition to a frightening encounter. The player must go to many sites in order to follow a ghost and identify which one it is. Players will have to gather proof all the while going through many paranormal experiences in order to identify the ghost.

9. Amnesia: The Bunker

Release date: 2023 | Developer: Frictional Games

Amnesia: The Bunker is one of the finest horror games I have ever seen; it is simply, distilled tension from start to finish. There is something in the walls when you wake as the last alive enlisted man in a WWI French bunker.

The Bunker develops on Amnesia’s run-and-hide gameplay with the option to strike back against your pursuer (in a very restricted fashion) with flares and a plinky old-time handgun, but you also need to preserve resources to cope with natural dangers like mutant rats and padlocked doors.

8. Outlast 2

Release date: 2017 | Developer: Red Barrels

Though conceptually among the most fascinating games on our list, Outlast 2 is a trial-and-error stealth game not for everyone. Your wife is abducted early on by a crazed cult, whose roots are revealed in brief letters throughout the game. A journalist looking for a missing lady in Arizona is also involved. Using the night vision function of your camera, you negotiate dark surroundings; it’s just as terrifying as Hell, with an entire town wishing you dead and some of the most brutal images ever placed into a game.

7. Resident Evil 2

Release date: January 25, 2019 | Developer: Capcom

Not surprisingly, among the finest horror games available on Steam are the Resident Evil series. Although PC allows one to experience the whole genre, by far the best of the lot is Resident Evil 2, in which players assume command of Leon or Claire.

6. Anchorhead

Release date: 1998 | Developer: Michael Gentry

Not merely because he’s long deceased and his work is out of copyright, horror games owe a great debt to Lovecraft. Though text adventure has contained few allusions to his type of cosmic horror, several games have been Inspired more profoundly by Lovecraft than others, Anchorhead uses many of his books and tales to chronicle the story of a married couple who acquired an ancient home in a haunted New England town. As you try to stop an ancient, maybe world-ending ritual from being carried out, the leisurely investigation of the game’s first sections finally gives way to dramatic, turn-limited puzzles. Not under pressure then.

5. Alan Wake 2

Release date: 2023 | Developer: Remedy Entertainment

Though its long-awaited sequel is really terrifying, the original Alan Wake felt more eerie than scary. Remedy’s newest is a daring, ambitious narrative experiment consisting of tight and exciting confrontations against the shadow-possessed Taken; half-survival horror, half-spiral into strange dream, You go through an adventure where a dark fiction is tangling reality in knots, playing as both FBI agent Saga Anderson, investigating a string of ritual killings, and Alan Wake, a writer urgently seeking to escape an always spiraling dream realm. Bold, sharp, and odd.

4. Half-Life: Alyx

Release date: March 23, 2020 | Developer: Valve Corporation

Alyx is the most current game in the Half-Life series for which players engage in a sci-fi horror adventure. Half-Life: Alyx pushed these fears further with the game played entirely in VR. This meant that as they steadied their goal to defeat them before they approached too near, fans of the franchise got to encounter the notorious aliens of the series right before their own eyes.

3. Lethal Company

Release date: October 9, 2023 | Developer: Zeekerss

Published on Steam in October 2023, Lethal Company became viral very fast. The game challenges the player and their allies to survive when confronted with horrible beasts, scavenge for scrap on deserted planets, and explore homes and businesses in search of treasure.

Although at first glance this seems straightforward, gamers exploring these moons for scrap will certainly come upon horrible creatures observing their every movement. This is good during the daylight and outside; however, as night falls, all kinds of hazards are bound to surface. The game is still in early access, hence lots more is probably going to be included in this co-op horror experience.

2. Left 4 Dead 2

Release date: 2009 | Developer: Valve

Many outstanding four-player cooperative shooters drew inspiration from Left 4 Dead. Left 4 Dead 2 is a must-have even if some of these games are superb. It’s ideal for you and up to three buddies looking to explore zombie-infested America together.

The game’s rhythm naturally tells a tale. Special foes paired with quiet times and forceful assaults compel collaboration. Coach, Rochelle, Nick, Ellis, and returning players from the first game interact and joke honestly with one another. This motivates gamers to cooperate and share too.

1. Scarlet Hollow

Release date: June 11, 2021 | Developer: Black Tabby Games

As Scarlet Hollow, with its amazing and terrible graphical style, shows, visual novels can be horrific. Returning to the coal town the player’s family established to participate in the aunt’s burial, the game contains lots of secrets for them to find.

The player may just have to live a week in this eerie location, but every decision they make will affect how successful that aim is. With the first four now out, Scarlet Hollow intends to be seven chapters long.

So, that’s the end of this article where we reviewed the 10 best horror games on Steam of all time. You can also buy Steam gift card digital on U7buy. They are reliable and it’s cheap.