Discover The New Stronghold Slayer Cave in Runescape 2007

Stronghold Slayer Cave is part of the Runescape 2007 dungeons list since 2014. Over the course of three years, the dungeon went through some changes with the most significant one being applied in April 2017. A content poll that was almost unanimously approved with 89.6%, convinced the developers to do some dungeon rework. The size was decreased and some of the monsters were moved to other locations. Players are able to fight and defeat slayer skill associated monsters. There are no entry requirements but adventurers won’t be able to complete the dungeon unless they have a task that requires them to do so. Five types of monsters are found inside the dungeon. There used to be seven more types of mobs but those have been moved to other Runescape 2007 dungeons. As of April 2017, players who enter the dungeon will match skills against hellhounds, fire giants, bloodvelds, aberrant spectres and ankou. The strongest monsters are the hellhounds. They have 122 combat level and there are 13 of them. Players will be rewarded with 116 slayer XP for defeating them. The easiest monsters are the ankou. There are eight of them and have various combat levels between 75 and 86.

The dungeon lies under the Tree Gnome Stronghold in the vicinity of Nieve. There are several traveling paths of reaching the Stronghold Slayer Cave. The easiest way is to use a slayer ring that instantly takes players near the entry point. If players don’t have the ring they can use the Spirit Tree to get to the Tree Gnome Stronghold and travel south west from there. The longest route is through Ta Quir Priw. First, players must get there with the Gnome Glider. They will reach the Grand Tree and head south west. Some items that facilitate navigation such as the dwarf multicannon can be used once players are inside the dungeon. Those who have at least 72 agility skill are able to use a shortcut. There are no quests associated with this dungeon. At last, remember visit u7buy when you need cheap Runescape 2007 gold, cheap fast and reliable service is online.

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