Runescape 3 – Basic Wilderness Guide

The Wilderness is one of the biggest Runescape 3 zones that almost covers the north eastern part of Gielinor. This large area can be entered by all players and, except for one location, it’s a free to play zone. The Wilderness is one of the most notorious Runescape 3 areas. PvP is allowed, the death penalty is unforgiving, monsters are powerful, and there are some restrictions regarding teleportation. The Wilderness is surrounded by a wall preventing players from accidentally walking into it. Players must interact with the wall in order to step inside the Wilderness. The area gets progressively more dangerous as it advances in the northern direction. Levels are used to measure its danger level. It starts at level 1 and continues to level 56. The Wilderness level is used to determine which players can be engaged in PvP. The Wilderness level is subtracted and added to the players level to obtain a range. Players can attack each other if their level is within that range. There are certain situations in which this rule is disregarded.

If players die in the Wilderness, most of their items will be dropped for others to loot. Only three items are kept or five if players are using prayers. If players die from PK, then the items can be looted by the player who killed them. If players are killed by a monster, anyone can loot their valuables. Although the Wilderness is a dangerous area, players who dare explore it will be handsomely rewarded. There are lots of activities in the Wilderness that increase level for various skills. Leveling skills in the Wilderness is sometimes more efficient than in any other Runescape 3 area. Powerful monsters that drop rare loot can be found here as well. The Wilderness is also a good place to collect resources. Teleportation can be used up until level 20 Wilderness. Certain items allow players to use teleportation past level 20 until level 30. The Red Dragon Isle is an area in the Wilderness that can only be entered by Runescape 3 members.

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