Best Rogue Builds for Diablo 4 2024

U7BUY allows all different kinds of players to purchase currencies for their favorite games. Buy Diablo IV gold now! The Rogue Diablo 4 classes have proven to be incredibly powerful and versatile. More than anything, Rogue is super fun to play for almost everyone! But crafting the best Diablo 4 builds for your playthroughs is tough, so which are considered the best as of 2024?

Why Rogue?

Rogues are known to be all about speed and having ranged attacks. They even tend to have access to several traps and different types of grenades to help take out multiple enemies at once. The key thing that drives people to pick Diablo 4 Rogue as a class is their speed in both movement and when attacking.

Thanks to the speed of the Rogue one, this makes this class incredibly fun and popular for most Diablo fans as they are able to zoom across maps through hordes of enemies in dungeons. Most of their skills also revolve around keeping a Rogue’s energy up and being able to use it in different ways too.

The Rogue is also really powerful with their attacks. This is usually kind of uncommon with other games with fast characters as they rely more on DPS (damage per second) building up rather than having one hit be super strong. The Rogue does have great DPS with their attacks, but their skills can eventually make one hit deadly. They are also very adaptable to all kinds of playstyles thanks to their abilities with ranged attacks with their bows too.

The Best Rogue Builds as of 2024

Now that we’ve gone over the basic overview of what makes Rogues stand out, we can go over some great builds to have when trying to level up quickly in the early to mid-game. The biggest weakness to point out that most Diablo 4 builds should try to cover is the lack of defense Rogues have which can make them a glass cannon, so keep that in mind when using or modifying any of these Diablo 4 builds.

Barrage Rogue

The Barrage Rogue requires utilizing your Barrage move a lot, but it is incredibly satisfying to use. What this skill does is allow a flurry of arrows to be released for a good number of seconds to unleash a huge amount of damage to a crowd of enemies. This makes it easy to never get trapped within a horde and always keep a good amount of momentum.

The only real problem with this build is that using your Diablo 4 Barrage power can take up a lot of energy which calls for a lot of timing practice on when is the perfect time to unleash it. It also shouldn’t be spammed as that can lead to dangerous situations fast. It also doesn’t have too much to cover for your weaker defense as a Diablo 4 Rogue, but you can likely get away with that for a good while in the early game.

Penetrating Shot Rogue

The Penetrating Shot build is absolutely fantastic for Rogue players and can even be taken into the end game when played right. This Diablo 4 Rogue build revolves around the Penetrating Shot skill which allows a Rogue player to shoot multiple enemies in a straight line when charged up. With the right accompanying skills, this move will allow for some amazing damage to let you through dungeons easily.

Thanks to the reliance on great range, your Rogue will have plenty of safety through that as they won’t have to get too close to their enemies to win fights. This Diablo 4 Rogue will also be great with area and targeted damage depending on the situation which makes this build great for those new to the Rogue class or Diablo in general. Just be sure to find the right positions for this Rogue build Diablo 4 so that your arrows actually hit your enemies.

Twisting Blades Rogue

This Diablo 4 Rogue build is for the players who want to get more up close and personal with their fighting style instead of the more bow-focused Diablo 4 builds. This build revolves around both the Twisting Blades and Shadow Imbuement skills to help increase both your DPS and area damage while utilizing the greatest power of the Rogue with that being their amazing speed.

This Diablo 4 Rogue build will allow you to zip through multiple enemies with your fast blades while inflicting them with your Shadow Imbuement. This infection will not only further decrease an enemy’s health as seconds pass but will cause any enemy inflicted with this to explode on death. This will cause other enemies nearby to receive a great amount of damage from this explosion too. This makes this build incredibly damaging and possibly the most fun and fast-paced compared to other Diablo IV builds. However, there is less defense here, so be careful!

Heartseeker Rogue

The Heartseeker Rogue build Diablo 4 is a fantastic end-game build, but it is much more strict when it comes to building it up to reach its massive damage output potential. It revolves around both Heartseeker skills which increase your overall damage significantly as well as Lucky Hit which increases your critical hit damage and whether an enemy will explode on death similar to how Shadow Imbuement in the Twisting Blades Diablo 4 build does. While Primary Heartseeker increases your overall damage, the regular Diablo 4 Heartseeker skill will allow a Rogue to launch an arrow that searches for an enemy rather than needing to be aimed at. It will also increase your critical hit chance to help the chance for Lucky Hit to take effect. If  Diablo IV Lucky Hit does, then this can become a game-changer in fights as it’ll turn the tides in a boss fight in an instant. This Rogue build Diablo 4  may not be everyone’s cup of tea due to its reliance on luck compared to other Diablo 4 builds, but the damage makes it hard to ignore. Check out some of the Diablo 4 items for sale at U7BUY’s store!