Diablo 4 – Earth-focused Tanky Druid Build (Landslide Build)

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The Druid promises to be one of the most exciting character classes to play in Diablo 4.

When built correctly, the Druid can rival the Barbarian in brute strength and power, and could even best the most fearsome Sorcerers too.

As with any build, though, getting the right one which fits your playing style and damage appetite can be quite a tiresome task, so let’s check out one of the more fearsome Druid builds that you might find interesting prior to the game’s launch – the Landslide-focused build!

For this setup, you will look to level up Landslide to its maximum level and upgrades as quickly as possible.

Afterwards, you’ll be putting points into other supplementing abilities that empower Landslide, and even your own survivability.

So, when levelling up, these are the skills that you need to put your points into (up to Level 50):

Level 1: Storm Strike
Level 2: Enhanced Storm Strike
Level 3: Landslide
Level 4: Enhanced Landslide
Level 5: Primal Landslide
Level 6: Fierce Storm Strike
Level 7: Cyclone Armour
Level 8: Landslide Lvl.2
Level 9: Landslide Lvl.3
Level 10: Landslide Lvl.4
Level 11: Landslide Lvl.5
Level 12: Heart of the Wild
Level 13: Abundance
Level 14: Abundance Lvl.2
Level 15: Abundance Lvl.3
Level 16: Wild Impulses
Level 17: Trample
Level 18: Enhanced Trample
Level 19: Natural Trample
Level 20: Wild Impulses Lvl.2
Level 21: Wild Impulses Lvl.3
Level 22: Earthen Bulwark
Level 23: Enhanced Earthen Bulwark
Level 24: Preserving Earthen Bulwark
Level 25: Petrify
Level 26: Prime Petrify
Level 27: Supreme Petrify
Level 28: Defiance
Level 29: Natural Disaster
Level 30: Resonance
Level 31: Resonance
Level 32: Resonance
Level 33: Natural Disaster
Level 34: Ursine Strength
Level 35: Natural Disaster
Level 36: Crushing Earth
Level 37: Stone Guard
Level 38: Stone Guard
Level 39: Stone Guard
Level 40: Safeguard
Level 41: Safeguard
Level 42: Safeguard
Level 43: Predatory Instinct
Level 44: Predatory Instinct
Level 45: Predatory Instinct
Level 46: Defiance
Level 47: Defiance
Level 48: Ancestral Fortitude
Level 49: Vigilance
Level 50: Vigilance

It would be extremely redundant to explain each skill’s effects at every level, so here’s the basic overview of each of them:

Storm Strike
Generates: 15 Spirit
Lucky Hit Chance: 25%
Deals 20% Damage
Chains up to 3 enemies (less damage each chain)
+25% Damage Reduction (3 seconds)

Spirit Cost: 30
Lucky Hit Chance: 20%
Deals 113% Damage

Cyclone Armour
Cooldown: 18 seconds
Lucky Hit Chance: 25%
[Passive] +20% Non-Physical Damage Reduction
[Active] Knock Back, deals 15% Damage

Heart of the Wild
+3 maximum Spirit

+10% Spirit generation

Wild Impulses
+5% Spirit costs but deal +10% Damage for Core Skills

Cooldown: 14 seconds
Lucky Hit Chance: 33%
Becomes a Werebear
Deals 24% Damage, Knock Back
+45% extra Damage and 3-second Stun for enemies knocked into terrain

Earthen Bulwark
Cooldown: 16 seconds
Lucky Hit Chance: 50%
A Barrier made up of 45% Base Life (3 seconds)

Cooldown: 60 seconds
Stun enemies for 3 seconds
+25% Critical Strike Damage to affected enemies
Stun Bosses for 6 seconds
+50% Critical Strike Damage to Bosses

+4% Damage to Nature Magic Skills against Elites

Natural Disaster
+4% Damage to Earth Skills against Vulnerable enemies
+4% Storm Skills against Stunned, Immobilised, or Knocked Back enemies

+2% Damage to Nature Magic Skills
+6% Damage to Nature Magic Skills if Earth Skills are used after Storm Skills, and vice versa.

Ursine Strength
+20% Maximum Life as a Werebear (and 3 seconds after leaving it)
+30% Damage while healthy

Crushing Earth
+5% Damage to Earth Skills against Slowed, Stunned, Immobilised, or Knocked Back enemies

Stone Guard
If Fortify is above 50% Maximum Life, +4% Damage to Earth Skills

Critical Strikes using Earth Skills create Fortify for 2% of Base Life

Predatory Instinct
+3% Critical Strike Chance against melee enemies

Ancestral Fortitude
+5% Non-Physical Resistances

+5% Damage Reduction for 6 seconds after using a Defensive Skill

Obviously, the higher tier ones will add improved damage and effect bonuses, so you can check them later in-game.

When it comes to rotations, there is a lot of flexibility here, depending on circumstances.

However, Landslide usually comes first, but you can mix it in with Storm Strike to decimate mobs or single-target enemies according to the situation.

For Gems, you should keep these in mind:

Weapon: Emerald
Armour: Sapphire
Jewellery: Diamond

At this moment, you should consider this build for World 1 and World 2 (Adventurer, and Veteran, respectively), to which both Worlds are capped at Level 50.

Once you’re a master of this build, you can then consider updating it for Level 50 and above in World 3: Nightmare and World 4: Hell afterwards.

For the complete breakdown of this build, you can find it here.

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