Dragon Ball Legends Tier List: Best Characters Ranked

Dragon Ball Legends tier list

With the ever-changing meta of this amazing card game come new characters and new rankings. Ever wondered about the best characters in Dragon Ball Legends? I bring you this Dragon Ball Legends tier list, updated to date with the current meta, to help you choose the best of the best from each tier.

Keep in mind that the list is made in combination with both the community’s point of view and a little bit of personal preference, so do not fret if your favorite character didn’t make it to your desired list. If the character works for you, there is no need to worry about it!

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Now, going to the Dragon Ball Legends Tier List, we will be dividing the characters into 6 tiers. Z+, Z, S, A, B, and C. Z+ being the strongest and C being the weakest among these tiers.

Z+ Tier

Z+ Tier, or simply the god-tier. These are the characters that are the best of the best in the entire game. When ranking characters in this tier, I’ve made sure they can single-handedly choose the outcome of the game.

These are the meta-defining characters and we’re all aware of the over-powered or broken characters in every meta. Currently, these are the best characters in Dragon Ball Legends.

SP Fusing Vegito and SP Fusing Gogeta: Is it even a surprise that I’m ranking these guys at the top? In this current meta, these are the top-tier characters. The reason I’ve put both of these characters on top is because it is nearly impossible to choose which one is the best.

These are brand new characters and it’s going to take some time to choose between 1 and 2 among Vegito and Gogeta. That being said, they both take the number 1 spot in the Z+ Tier.

SP Beast Gohan (Blue): currently has one of the best damages in the game. Works in synergy with Hybrid Saiyans, Sagas from the Movies, and Son Family characters.

UL Golden Frieza (Purple): is part of the recent additions and is also a part of Episode: Sagas from the Movies. Works in synergy with the Powerful Opponent and Sagas from the Movies tags.

SP Super #17 (Red): Another self-sufficient character that works in synergy with tags: GT, Android, and Powerful Opponent.

UL Super Saiyan God SS Vegito (Red): Another Vegito on the Z+ tier list. He fits perfectly well in a team with the Future and Fusion Warrior tags.


Z-tier characters are strong and just slightly below the Z+ category. These Dragon Ball characters are still a little overpowered but not as broken as the Z+ characters and they cannot define the meta. But don’t get me wrong, they are very much capable of carrying the team.

These characters can deal a lot of damage and can more or less be on par with Z+ Tier, but they are not as broken as the god-tier characters to be able to single-handedly win the game.

SP Super Saiyan God SS Goku & Vegeta (Purple): Another duo topping the list. But this time it’s a single card, and you will be able to switch characters. You can switch to reverse element factors and since it’s a combination of Goku and Vegeta, you get synergy boosts for both the Son Family and Vegeta Clan, along with God Ki and Sagas from the Movies tags.

SP Goku and Bardock (Blue): Father and Son duo that can switch the element to green. They work well in a team of Saiyan, Game Originals, and Son Family tags.

SP Ultimate Gohan (Red): Can transform into Beast Gohan to restore his own health and reduce incoming damage—great synergy with the Son Family, Sagas from the Movies, and Hybrid Saiyan tags.

SP Super Baby 2 (Yellow): A perfect fit for a team with a GT, powerful opponent, or regeneration tag. He works well with Golden Frieza and Super 17 from our Z+ tier list.

SP Pikkon (Green): Another interesting character from the episode: Sagas from the Movies. You can transform into Gogeta to boost your stats and work great with a team of Saiyans and Fusion Warriors.


These are the characters that have a great balance in offense and defense and are also considered valuable supports. These balanced traits allow these characters to perform well in most situations. Though these Dragon Ball Legends characters work well with others on the team in synergy, they alone cannot win or turn the tide of the match like Z+ or Z-tier characters.

SP Yamcha (Blue): Do not underestimate this character based on what you’ve seen in the series. Yamcha is a reliable character in DBL and can restore health and achieve 100% ki recovery. Put this character in a team with elements BLU and PUR and characters with the Saiyan Saga (Z) tag.

SP Goku (Blue): Both SP Goku and SP Yamcha were released at the same time, and they make a great duo in a team. Works in synergy with both Saiyan Saga (Z) and Saiyan tag characters.

SP Broly (Green): One of the best fighters under the green element. He is known for his massive damage output. His synergy works on these two tags: Power Opponent and Sagas from the Movies.

SP Goku (Blue): Yes, the kid Goku from the GT series. He works great in a team with any of the GT characters and also has synergy with both the Saiyan and Son Family tags. Overall, great support.

SP Power Awakening Piccolo (Green): This version of Piccolo can revive his health by 100% and transform into the Orange Piccolo. He works well in a team with tags: Sagas from the Movies, Regeneration, and Super Warrior.


These A-tier Dragon Ball characters can be called average and they are just a little bit below the S-tier. Not as reliable as any of the tiers mentioned above, but these characters can get the job done when used correctly. Their limited synergy with other characters is what makes them an A-tier.

SP Goku & Final Form Frieza (Purple): Another duo card that made it to the list. Switch between Goku and Frieza while also being able to change the element to blue. Put them on a team with the Universe Rep, Saiyan, and Lineage of Evil tags.

SP Super Saiyan Goku (Blue): The goku from the Frieza Saga. He is a powerful character and has great synergy with Saiyan, the Son Family, and the Frieza Saga (Z) tags.

SP Pan (Red): A hybrid saiyan is once again on the list. Put her in a team of Sagas from the Movies, Hybrid Saiyan or the Son Family tags to get great support.

SP Android #17 (Blue): Android 17 from the survival saga. Like in the series, he is a powerful character in DBL too and works great in a team of Universe Rep, Android, and Universe Survival Saga tags.

SP Jiren: Full Power (Puple): A great supporting character, again from the survival saga. He not only has great synergy with Universe Survival Saga (S) characters but also with Rival Universe and Powerful Opponent tags.


This is where the characters start getting a little weaker. Other than the first two characters, the rest of the characters I’m going to mention in this tier are going to be situational, and their purpose is to support the characters from Z+, Z, or the S tier. The B-tier characters by themselves are not strong enough.

UL Super Janemba (Blue): A decent character with decent damage output. He can regenerate and is a transforming warrior. He works well with character tags: Regeneration and Sagas from the Movies only.

UL Super Saiyan God SS Gogeta (Purple): A fusion warrior who can inflict decent enough damage. He is an attack character and has synergy with just a couple of tags: Fusion Warrior and Saiyan.

The Dragon Ball Legends characters under the B Tier from here on are support characters and are not viable as attack characters.

SP Super Saiyan 2 Gohan (Youth) (Red): Use this character to support your team with the element red and tags with Son Family and Hybrid Saiyan. For example: Beast Gohan or Android 17 from the Z+ tier.

SP Bergamo (Red): Use alongside characters from the Universe Survival Saga and element red.

SP Super Saiyan God Goku (Red): The weaker version of Super Saiyan God. Luckily, it is an easy-to-acquire character and supports other great characters with the God Ki tag, for example: SP Super Saiyan God SS Goku & Vegeta (Purple)


When compared to the rest of the Tier, it goes without saying that C Tier characters are the weakest. They are limited-use characters and are not even as situational as the B tier. But I’m sure you will find a couple of the characters here to use as support for your team.

  • SP Vegeta (Blue)
  • SP Bardock (Yellow)
  • SP Vegeta (Red)
  • SP Great Saiyaman 1 & 2 (Assist) (Red)
  • SP Goku (Red)
  • SP Piccolo (Yellow)


To sum it up: Z+ and Z characters are at the top of the meta, while S-tier characters are strong but not meta-defining. A-tier characters are decent but lack great synergy, while most B and C-tier characters are completely situational and limited to support.

The higher the Tier, the harder it is to achieve that character but as mentioned before, you can always purchase an account to make it easier.

What do you guys think of our Dragon Ball Legends tier list? Of course, there are a lot more Dragon Ball Legends characters, and I might have missed your favorites, but these are currently the best of the best in this meta.

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