EA FC 24 PlayStyles Can Help You with Defense

U7BUY can give you a long list of choices when it comes to purchasing currencies for your favorite games. Take a look at the FUT 24 coins for sale today! In every football game that you play in EA FC 24, you will need to get used to playing defense against the enemy team. FC 24 PlayStyles can help with just that.

EA FC 24 is available on PC and U7BUY offers plenty of coins to help you get started. Get some FIFA coins PC now! There are lots of EA Sports FC 24 PlayStyles that can help you when playing Defense in different ways. Each PlayStyle gives your player that you control a specific buff or skill that will affect how you play hence the name. There are also FC 24 PlayStyle Plus versions that work as upgrades for each buff given to make them even stronger or last longer.

The Block EA FC 24 PlayStyle is one of the first that can help with improving your Defense skills on the field. This will give your blocks an improved reach whenever they are performed. The FC 24 PlayStyle will also increase the chances of your blocks being successful overall and therefore much more effective.

The EA FC PlayStyle Plus upgrade to Block will increase its buffs even higher. The reach of your blocks will increase exponentially, and your odds of a successful block will be almost at 100%. Blocks will help keep the ball from entering your side of the field, so it is always important to keep them in good standing.

Next is the Bruiser FIFA PlayStyle. The Bruiser is a simpler buff, but extremely effective. This FC 24 PlayStyle makes it so that your player has greater strength when it comes to their tackles. This can be great for taking your opponents off guard and taking longer for them to recover. The PlayStyle Plus version makes this buff even stronger!

Then there’s Intercept. When performing an intercept, this FIFA PlayStyle will overall improve how it is done. It will increase its reach as well as increase the chances of you keeping the ball when the interception is being done. This is important since intercepts can be difficult to perform at times but can be a massive game changer when done correctly.

The EA FC Jockey PlayStyle is all about improving your speed. This means increasing your maximum sprint jockey speed as well as improving your transition from jockey to sprinting. Whenever you transition from the two-speed settings, there can be a small start-up delay that can affect your speed. This FIFA PlayStyle can help remedy that to improve your acceleration.

The FC 24 PlayStyle Plus Jockey buff improves the speeds, even more, to make you incredibly fast. Having this better speed will help you quickly move into the spots your player needs to be in a short amount of time. Being in a certain spot quickly can also help you perform actions smoothly and always stay ahead of your opponents.

Slide Tackle as a FIFA 24 PlayStyle is less of a buff and more like an added skill entirely. When performing a slide tackle on the ball to steal it from someone, the ball with this FC 24 PlayStyle on will be stopped. While this may sound like nothing at first, this can make it easier to gain control over the ball and which direction you will go with it without worrying about its momentum.

The Slide Tackle PlayStyle Plus still has this same added skill, but also increases the coverage of the ball. This just makes it easier to gain the ball and recover from the tackle in the first place. This once again homes in on the added control you gain to quickly move in the other direction and keep you away from FIFA opponents trying to get the ball back.

Lastly, there is the Anticipate EA FC 24 PlayStyle. This one is very similar to the Slide Tackle PlayStyle but is instead applied to the standing tackle action. This FIFA PlayStyle will also make it to where the ball loses its momentum to give the player better control in direction after stealing the ball. However, it also increases their chances of performing the tackle significantly.

Standing tackles can be very difficult to perform in the first place as they require the player to take the ball side by side with the opponent. They must be close enough to them to have any chance at the move in the first place. Both the Anticipate FC 24 PlayStyle and its Plus version can help make this action easier and perfect for newer players.

Each FIFA 24 PlayStyle can help players both new and old perform at their best on the field. If there is a specific move you want to get better at, need overall better help at Defense, or just want to home in on your favorite gameplay style, the PlayStyles in EA FC 24 can help greatly. Visit U7BUY to see some EA FC players to purchase now!