Fallout 76 Best Weapons Ranked

fallout 76 best weapons

Fallout 76 somehow managed to get a second wind as the Amazon Fallout show breathed new life into it. With new fans coming in to experience the franchise, people would naturally go into Fallout 76 first since it’s a multiplayer game. Games like this are what gamers use to spend time with friends and it’s no surprise that Fallout 76 is currently popular.

With that said, Fallout 76 is better than it was when it first launched. It’s not a great Fallout experience but at least the game doesn’t bug out every minute. The updates that fixed the game also made some changes to the game’s weapons that make them even better on top of adding weapons in the game. So grab your Fallout 76 atoms code and dive in with the best Fallout 76 weapons in the game.

Best Fallout 76 Weapons Ranked

To do this ranking, we will be starting from the bottom to the top. There are going to be a lot of good weapons in the game, but we have narrowed the best of the best here so you won’t have to fill your inventory with meaningless weapons.

Gauss Minigun

StatBase Figure
Fire Rate91
AP Cost30
Magazine Size500

Compensating for something? The Gauss Minigun will certainly make you look like a behemoth as you mow down enemies. As the name says, this is a minigun that’s mostly used to take down hordes of enemies in front of you. Sporting a Magazine Size of 500, the Gauss Minigun will allow you to kill enemies fast and quick.

Surprisingly, it has a fantastic range that can go far. The only downside with this gun is that the longer you fire will cause the bullet spread to increase. Practically reducing the accuracy to the point where it’s much more effective if you use it in close quarters.

The only way to get this bad boy is by purchasing the plan from Mortimer for 750 Gold Bullion. Once you have the plan, you can then craft the Gauss Minigun.

Radium Rifle

StatBase Figure
Fire Rate40
AP Cost25
Magazine Size20

Now for something a little smaller. Enter the Radium Rifle. It features impressive stats for what is essentially just a standard-looking rifle. Good Damage, Fire Rate, great Range, and fantastic Accuracy. But what really draws people to this firearm is the fact that it shoots out radioactive bullets. Once those bullets hit, the enemy will take damage over time until either the effect wears off or the enemy dies.

It’s a great firearm in general. Can be used effectively against enemy bosses to wear down their health little by little. But in order to get this Fallout 76 weapon, you will need to reach level 40 first. Being below level 40 prevents the weapon from appearing in the world. Once you do hit level 40, the weapon can be found on enemies, chests, and even vendors.

Enclave Plasma Rifle

StatBase Figure
Fire Rate33
AP Cost25
Magazine Size30

Trust when we say that the Enclave has some great weapons. The top Fallout 76 weapon from the Enclave is their Plasma Rifle. It is essentially the regular Plasma Rifle on steroids. It features balanced stats that can be improved if you apply the right attachments and mods. It’s a great weapon because the gun can be used with any attachment and mods.

It is recommended that you make this weapon an automatic though, as the potential is fully realized when you can spew out blasts after blasts. This weapon, however, cannot be crafted at all. The only way to get this weapon is by going to the Whitespring Bunker and purchasing it from MODUS.

Tesla Rifle

StatBase Figure
Fire Rate20
AP Cost30
Magazine Size15

Introducing another energy weapon, meet the Tesla Rifle. This weapon isn’t developed by Elon Musk, but it sure has some kick to it. It’s got incredible stats from top to bottom that can be expected from an energy weapon. Great Damage, Fire Rate, Range, and Accuracy. It is a weapon that can eliminate enemies from far away without needing to get any closer.

But the best part about it? This weapon can tag multiple enemies at once. You can chain your attacks together and eliminate groups of enemies before they even know what’s happening. Granted the damage goes down by 35% when it moves from one enemy to another, but that can easily be fixed by putting on the appropriate mods and attachments.

To get this weapon, you will need to find it from the Brotherhood of Steel vendor in Whitespring Mall. But if you want an alternative method, you can get it by looting and completing quests in the Appalachia area.

The Fixer

StatBase Figure
Fire Rate33
AP Cost25
Magazine Size20

Looking for something that’s a little more balanced? Then we got the gun for you. Check out The Fixer, a popular Fallout 76 weapon that you can find still being used by longtime players of the Fallout 76. Quite possibly the best non-energy weapon in the entire game too. The stats are perfectly balanced in a way that makes it impossible to hate on.

If you are able to get some great mods and attachments on this weapon, you’ll find that it can be a mean automatic weapon too. You can use this to mow down enemies with one or two shots from both afar and in close quarters. A perfect weapon to clear out enemies in any location.

The best part is that you don’t have to worry about wasting ammo. The ammo it uses is found almost everywhere in Fallout 76. It can be bought, crafted, and even looted. To get the weapon, all you really need to do is play a Mutated Event and complete it to get a Mutated Package. You will have a chance to get the weapon inside.

These weapons are the best of the best in Fallout 76. While they are all earnable in the game, you can all buy Fallout 76 items to add to your account. It’s a faster way to get the items you want in the game.