Fallout 76 Power Armor: How to Get Easily

fallout 76 power armor

The Fallout 76 shop is loaded with power armor skins, but they don’t mean much unless you’ve got some Fallout 76 power armor, right? Well, thankfully, there are plenty of Fallout 76 power armor locations everywhere, and we’ll run you through some of the best.


The Raider Power Armor is the Fallout 76 best power armor for those brand new to the game, since it is the only one that you can wear during the early stages. It isn’t too tough to find either, with a complete of the ‘Top of the World’ quest (one of the early quests) awarding you with the pieces. Alternatively, you can look here:

  • Outpost Zimonja
  • USS Riptide Wreck
  • Poseidon Energy Plant

You’ll also find the Raider set running around the game (the list above is some of the guaranteed spawns).

Raider doesn’t have much special about it, other than the cool look and the heightened defense.  


The Excavator power armor is tough to find. You’ll need to head to the Garrahan Mining Corporation, where you can pick up the plans to build it. You’ll need to head to the basement and grab them from the terminal. You might find parts scattered about, but they are incredibly rare and not worth hunting down through the various power armor locations Fallout 76.

You’ll want this for the radiation resistance, electrical resistance, etc. However, it is best for farming where you’ll multiply any minerals you grab 4x when you extract them with this.


The X-01 is where most players head when they want to upgrade from the raider, and it’ll likely be the last PA you need before you hit level 50. You’ll need to get the plans from the Enclave near the end of the main mission (you’ll need to download them from the terminal at the Whitespring Bunker). You’ll need to be the rank of general in the Enclave.

This is the best power armor Fallout 76 for most players pre-50.

It has 398 defense, which is fine (for most events).


This is the power armor that you’ll find scattered around everywhere. It has a decent defense against all damage types, but you probably won’t want to be in it for too long once you’ve found something better.

Most PA spawn locations will have a piece of T-45 armor later on in the game, and you’ll find the pieces drop often from some mobs. You can get guaranteed spawns in Watoga at:

  • Watoga Municipal Center
  • Veribird Crash Site
  • Emergency Service rooftop
  • High School rooftop

You might have to server-hop to find these pieces, since people grab it quickly.


T-51b is seen as the Fallout 76 best power armor in the early stages of level 50. It has the best defense and requires very little in the way of repair costs. You’ll find some awesome skins for this on the atom store too, so you might want to grab a cheap Fallout 76 atoms code to look awesome.

The T-51b spawn is the same as the T-45.


T-60 is ideal for those who want the best radiation resistance. Nothing can get through this baby! The defense isn’t the best, but it is great for fighting the radiation events (including Radiation Rumble).

Pieces are scattered all around Watoga, mostly around the southern parts of the town.


The T-65 is the absolute best T-Series power armor in the game. You have high resistance against physical damage, and radiation will barely touch you.

You’ll need to complete the main quest line in the game (which ends with a vault raid), and rack up enough gold bullion to buy the plan. A whopping 6,900 gold bullion, for that matter. It’ll take a while, but boy is it worth it.


Ultracite looks cool, but it only really works when you’re fighting the Scorched. Outside of this, most other power armors will be better. Still, it isn’t tough to get the Ultracite armor. You’re given the whole lot when you complete the Brotherhood of Steel questline in the game. Well, you’ll get the chassis, plus all the plans that you need to build the armor yourself.


You’ll rarely need this nowadays, since nobody does PVP. It is good when fighting against mobs with guns, but not many people use them. If you want it, you’ll need to buy for gold bullion, or complete the Steel Reign questline.

We probably would avoid this one. There are so many other power armors that are worth your time and effort.

Strangler Heart

The Strangler Heart looks awesome. The only nature-inspired power armor in the game. It is the best if you want to keep radiation at bay, but the physical protection is decent too. You’ll, mostly, be wearing this because you just want to look cool in the game.

You can only get this plan for gold bullion. You’ll need 6,900 gold bullion to grab it.


The Union Power Armor is OK. Not the best one to go for, but it is enough if you want some basic protection and a carry-weight boost. The radiation protection isn’t the best, but it is good enough for the majority of events. You can buy this from the Whitespring Resorts using stamps, although you’ll need to complete much of The Pitt questline if you want to grab the pieces for this.

Remember – you don’t need to use power armor in this game. We often don’t. But, if you want to use it, it is not tough to find. Just look for power armor racks around the game, or follow the information in this guide. You might also find some pieces for sale in various vendors around the game. If you don’t have the caps for this, then why not buy Fallout 76 caps from us? It’ll make your life a lot easier, and means you have to spend less time hunting down the pieces you need!