Fastest Players in EA Sports FC 24

All FC 24 game modes have one thing in common: pace is king. That has always been the case in the FIFA series, and it won’t be changing anytime soon.

No matter which device you play FC24 on, the speed of the same FC24 players on different consoles has no difference. If you want to buy fast FC 24 players on Xbox, you will also need FC 24 coins XBOX. So do not tangle a lot, let’s take a look at some of the fastest FC 24 players at your disposal.

Kylian Mbappe

It’s no surprise that the mercurial Frenchman tops the charts in the pace department with a rating of 97, making him a much have choice for when you are FIFA boosting your team’s standing. This makes Mbappe a cheat code for your team, provided you can find the right pass over the defense and give him a free go at goal. While this can be pretty annoying if you are on the receiving end, it is nevertheless a powerful tool to frustrate your opponent and pepper the box with chances.

Karim Adeyami

The Dortmund youngster may not be a well-rounded player in FC 24 at this point, with an overall rating of 80, but his pace rating of 96 makes him the second-fastest FC 24 player in the game and, thus a valuable addition to your squad. This speed, combined with his decent dribbling rating of 81, makes him a threat down that left wing, causing a real problem for the opposition fullback.

Alphonso Davies

Let’s turn our attention towards the defensive side of things with our first fullback on the list, Alphonso Davies. The electric Canadian ranks third on the list of fastest FC 24 players with a rating of 95 and is a real game-changer down that left flank. His pace helps him not just catch the opposition winger but also charge up the pitch to overload the wings and create space for his forwards.

Vini Junior

The talented Brazilian continues to evolve every year, performing brilliantly for his club in both La Liga and the Champions League. His two greatest strengths lie in his 95 pace and 90 dribbling, allowing him to dumbfound his marker and cut inside to get in dangerous curlers from the edge of the box. Or perhaps you fancy a teasing cross into the box? Either way, having Vinicius on your team is an instant boost to your chances of success.

Moussa Diaby

Up next, we have another Frenchman, Moussa Diaby. The Aston Villa midfielder rocks a pace of 95, which, combined with his 86 dribbling, helps him create quick transitions from defense to attack. He also has a decent shot in him, and you can use that to apply pressure on the opposition goalkeeper on breakaway counterattacks.


He may be the FC 24 player with the lowest overall rating on this list, but make no mistake, Conteh is lightning-quick. With a pace of 95, the striker can leave the opposition central defenders gasping for air as he whizzes past them. If you’re playing Ultimate Team and have a highly rated midfielder on your team but not enough funds for a star striker and can’t afford FIFA boosting services either, Conteh’s overall rating will be compensated with the passing ability of the midfielder behind him, creating a makeshift weapon for your team.


We have some talented women’s football players on the list, too; let’s start off with Rodman. The US international boasts an impressive pace of 94, putting her among the fastest in FC 24. She also has pretty good shooting and passing ratings considering that she is a winger. This makes her a constant threat to the opposition, as they’ll have to juggle between deciding whether to block her shot or cut off passing lanes.


Another right winger on the list, she features an electric pace of 94 and an equally impressive dribbling ability of 88. That’s not all, though; Cascarino also has excellent passing in her repertoire. All three of these attributes complement one another nicely, and it’s no surprise that Lyon performed excellently in the Champions League with such a talented winger in their team.


This lad has a powerful burst of speed in him that you can pair with decent positioning to get into one-on-one situations with the goalkeeper. He does lack a bit in the other departments, though, so you might want to pair him up with a star striker or put in quality midfielders behind him for those final balls.

Inaki Williams

Finally, we have the ever-fit Inaki Williams on our list of the fastest FC 24 players. The Basque man is an absolute engine who can toy with the opposition backline all game long, not just because of his 94-rated pace but also his impressive 84 physicality, which helps him protect the ball. He will definitely shake up the defense and open up space for his strikers.