2024 Final Fantasy 14 Job Tier List

When it comes to Final Fantasy 14, everyone pretty much has different playstyles and roles. But you can’t just expect to dominate in that role without the relevant job type or buy the items you need without enough credits without visiting the Final Fantasy XIV shop. Let’s take a look at the FF14 class tier list and what works best for each role.

How Many Roles Are There in FFXIV?

Before we dive into the FF14 tier list 2024 or jump into buy FFXIV gold, you might need a quick recap of the different roles in the game.

  • Tanks: They absorb damage and help their teammates get a better line of attack.
  • Healers: Aside from self-healing abilities, they are responsible for restoring their teammates’ health and even resurrecting them if required.
  • Magical Ranged DPS: They create a balance between area of effect damage and targeted damage to create attacking opportunities for their melee counterparts.
  • Physical Ranged DPS: Similar to the magical ranged DPS role except that they deal with arrows and firearms instead of magic for mass area damage.
  • Melee DPS Role: As the name suggests, they excel in targeted hand-to-hand (or steel-to-steel) combat.

What Jobs are part of the FFXIV S-Tier?

The S-Tier jobs are among the best FF14 jobs available in the game. Whether you’re looking to heal, tank, or deal damage, rest assured you’re in pole position to do so with the jobs in this FFXIV job tier list, if want to view more game items.

Gunbreaker (GNB): We believe the Gunbreaker to be the best in the tank role thanks to its fine balance between attack and defense. This is an offensive tank type that relies on deadly attacks such as The Heart of Corundum to deal damage.  

Warrior (WAR): The Warrior is a monument of endurance thanks to its powerful healing self-healing abilities, such as the Thrill of Battle. Rest assured, this job can soak up a lot of damage!

Dark Knight (DRK): Don’t worry, we’re not talking about the Caped Crusader here! This job relies on magical defense, especially in the opening moments of a raid.  

Ninja (NIN): As the name suggests, this job features agile movement, helping you get in some quick, deadly hits.  

Samurai (SAM): Slice and dice through your enemies with the Samurai’s deadly katana. This job is a melee specialist and deals incredibly high damage.  

Dragoon (DRG): Next up in this S class tier list FFXIV is the Dragoon, which also happens to be your best bet when it comes to the melee DPS role. As a melee specialist, this job can get in some devastating hits, especially when combined with its Dragon Litany buff.  

Astrologian (AST): Like the Warrior, this job is well-reputed for its healing abilities. But in this case, these healing abilities come in burst variations. Keep an eye out for the Divination buff!

Monk (MNK): This particular job is quite agile and can deal some quick, powerful melee attacks to your opponents. The abilities reflect the title of the Monk, going by names such as Brotherhood and Mantra.

Dancer (DNC): The Dancer is the best in the business when it comes to the physically ranged DPS role, and for good reason. What this job lacks in dealing damage, it makes up for in agility and useful buffs such as the Dance Partner, allowing it to offer great support in attack by stepping up the party members’ critical and direct hit rates.

Bard (BRD): Much like the Dancer, the Bard offers valuable support to its party. This usually involves the use of buffs such as Battle Voice and Radiant Finale.

Summoner (SMN): While the Dancer excels in the physical ranged department, the Summoner is the best fit for the Magical Ranged role. As the name suggests, this job allows you to summon or revive your dead allies back to life. Pretty neat trick to have in the locker during the heat of battle!  

Scholar (SCH): While there are plenty of talented healer jobs out there, the Scholar works best for your healer role. As the original shield healer, the Scholar has top-notch defensive attributes, including healing and being able to absorb plenty of damage.

What Jobs are part of the FF14 A-Tier?

Next up in this FF14 class tier list 2024, we have to talk about the A-tier jobs. While not as impressive as the S-tier, these still pack quite the punch.

Black Mage (BLM): Even in the absence of a raid buff, the Black Mage is still able to deal large amounts of damage. Who knows how far an addition of a raid buff could take this job!

Reaper (RPR): This job in the FFXIV job tier list excels at dealing with high levels of burst damage. Combine this with the mobility gained through Hell’s Ingress and Hell’s Egress, and you have yourself a pretty useful job.

Red Mage (RDM): Not only does the Red Mage deal considerable damage, but it also boosts that of its party through its Embolden ability. The trademark, though, is the Dualcast ability, which allows you to cast a spell immediately after casting any spell with a cast time.

Sage (SGE): The Sage offers the best of both worlds by combining its healing prowess with its offensive capabilities. Though we have to admit it, the healing leaves a bit to be desired.

White Mage (WHM): As a healing specialist, the White Mage has access to some pretty dope abilities like Benediction, allowing it to instantly restore a party member to full health. This could just completely turn the tide of battle!

What Jobs are part of the B-Tier?

Finally, let’s wrap up this FF14 class tier list by talking about the B-tier jobs. While you could still excel