Genshin Impact 4.6 Phase II Events Overview

Genshin Impact Version 4.7 is scheduled to release in the first week of June but before then, we still have plenty to look forward to in Genshin Impact 4.6 Phase II. In case you missed out on the release, today, we’re sharing a quick overview of everything included in Version 4.6 Phase II.

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That said, let’s jump right into it!

Genshin Impact The Latest Character & Weapon Banners

Here’s a quick look at the latest character and weapon banners in Phase II of the Genshin Impact 4.6 update.

From Ashes Reborn (Wanderer)

The first character banner is a rerun of the ‘Eons Adrift’ Wanderer who is particularly skilled at movement and getting around and is formally known as the fastest character in the Genshin Impact universe (for now anyway).

In addition to his excellent exploration abilities, he’s no slouch in the DPS department either so he’s a great option for players missing out on a dependable Anemo unit in their roster. However, we should mention if all you’re looking for is pure damage, he might not be the best choice for his lackluster damage potential compared to other options.

Immaculate Pulse (Baizhu)

For the next banner, we have a re-run of the ‘Beyond Mortality’ Baizhu, the Dendro support character with some impeccable healing and shielding abilities to sustain your teams.

Baizhu is one of the only characters in the game so far that has both healing and shielding capabilities, so it’s safe to say he’s one of the most viable sustain units for your team. Not to mention he’s extremely versatile and can be used in most teams regardless of reactions or combos.

But his Dendro application leaves more to be desired and if you already have a powerful healer in your roster, he won’t see as much play as other support or Dendro characters that can more consistently set up Dendro reactions.

4-Star Characters Included in the Banners

The two limited 5-star characters aside, there are also 3 more drop-rate-boosted 4-star characters to tickle your fancy. Here’s the latest 4-stars gracing the banners in Genshin Impact 4.6 Phase 2 –

  • ‘Fantastical Evening Star’ Layla (Cryo Support)
  • ‘Enigmatic Machinist’ Faruzan (Anemo Support)
  • ‘Uncrowned Lord of the Ocean’ Beidou (Electro Sub-DPS/DPS)

Epitome Invocation

If you don’t fancy any of the limited 5-star characters this time around but are itching for some gacha pulls, you could invest in this time’s Weapon Event Wish for new weapons to add to your arsenal.

Here’s a quick overview of all the included rate-boosted weapons in the Epitome Invocation weapon banner:

  • 5-Star – Tulaytullah’s Remembrance (Catalyst)
  • 5-Star – Jadefall’s Splendor (Catalyst)
  • Prospector’s Drill (Polearm)
  • Range Gauge (Bow)
  • Favonius Sword (Sword)
  • Rainslasher (Claymore)
  • Sacrificial Fragments (Catalyst)

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Windtrace: Seekers & Strategy Re-Run

Windtrace is back and better than ever! This time around, it’s not just a simple game of hide-n-seek but it’s evolved with a new gameplay mechanic where ‘Rebel’ players have to repair 4 of 6 ‘Signaling Devices’ to win a round, similar to Dead by Daylight if you’ve played the game before.

Hunters will try to stop you before 4 Signaling Devices are repaired so it’s a good idea to spruce up on your movement skills! The event rewards players with Primogems, Hero’s Wit, Ascension Materials, Mora, and more!

Genshin Impact Specially-Shaped Saurian Search Event

There’s also a new event, the ‘Specially-Shaped Saurian Search’ event where players will have to clear challenges of varying difficulties, leveraging ‘Negotiation Strategies’ to help complete the stage.

The good news is the event can also be played in co-op mode with a total of 2 players! If you’re hankering for a new multiplayer experience with a buddy in Genshin, it’s best to check this event out!

Participating and completing milestones in the event rewards Primogems, Hero’s Wits, Talent Materials, and Mora!

Genshin Overflowing Mastery (Talent Level-Up Mats) Event

If you’re looking to build a new character or improve some of your existing roster, the Overflowing Mastery event will reward double the usual amount of Talent Level-Up Materials. Once live, players can take advantage of the doubled level-up mat drops up to 3x a day, so get to grinding Traveler!

Genshin Impact The New Story Quest

Lastly, we also have a new story quest unlock with the Genshin Impact 4.6 update. Players who meet the below requirements will be able to unlock and continue Cyno’s Story Quest, Lupus Aureus Chapter: Act II using a Story Key.

Here are the basic criteria you need to meet before you can access the new Story Quest –

  • At least Adventure Rank 40
  • Completed Archon Quest Chapter III: Act V “Akasha Pulses, the Kalpa Flame Rises”
  • Completed Cyno’s Story Quest – Lupus Aureus Chapter: Act I “Sands of Solitude”

And that’s everything you need to know about the latest Genshin Impact 4.6 Phase II events schedule. So if you’re planning on getting anything in the latest Wish Banners or just want to stock up on Primogems, check out U7BUY to find affordable Genshin Impact services you need!