How to Beat Roblox Scary Sushi

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The game will start simple. Hiroshi Kimura is the owner of the Moonlight Sushi restaurant that you and other Roblox players are trying to become chefs for. The first round will offer you a quick tutorial as you play that will help carry you throughout the rest of the game, so don’t forget anything!

The first round will be having Roblox players collect Nori and Rice to plate. All you will have to do is reach the room in the middle and return to the Scary Sushi kitchen to cook the ingredients you are prompted. However, you will need to avoid the Janitor ink monster that walks throughout the hallways. If you are in the hall in front of him, he will begin to chase you until you reach a room like the kitchen!

The best strategy to avoid the Scary Sushi Janitor is to listen for him and look for his red light. The Janitor will play a deep-sounding noise as he roams the hallway. When playing Roblox Scary Sushi, it is best to wear headphones to be able to tell quickly where he is just by this sound. You can also walk closely behind him without him turning around to chase you, so it is best to wait for that moment when you can.

Next is the Scary Sushi fish room which unlocks during the second round. Here you will have to jump across sinking platforms to reach the fish that you need to cook orders. Falling in the water will have you killed by Oscar the deadly octopus. To avoid him, it is all about patience and having rhythm with your jumps. You will quickly notice how as the rounds go on; the platforms will disappear faster. Follow the rhythm to always know when to jump.

Ivy is unlocked along with the vegetable garden in the third round. She is actually pretty easy to avoid if you don’t freak out. You will likely come face to face with her at least once, but all you must do is quickly move out of her way. The best way to check where she is while remaining safe is by checking the Scary Sushi Water room as soon as you enter the garden. If she’s in there, then you are close to the exit of the room and can check where all the other plants are.

Finally, there is the Scary Sushi ink room. By the time you reach the third round, there will be ink splatters around the hallways to slow you down. The best way to avoid these is to jump over them while close to the wall. The ink room Scary Sushi will have huge flies patrolling a maze. Remaining patient and following behind each fly will easily allow you to reach the ink and escape it. Do be careful though as this is where most players perish, so don’t freak out if you are the last one standing.

Another Scary Sushi monster that lots of players don’t notice is Flame. Flame will show up to kill you if the timer for your order runs out, so you can’t be too patient when trying to get your ingredients. Each player has a total of three lives, but they can run out quickly when not careful. Once you complete the fourth round of orders, you will be entering the escape round. During the escape, all the monsters will be after you. You will need to reach the open elevator in the ink room in under a minute. All you must do is follow the path the monsters make for you and jump over each ink puddle. After that, you will learn the secrets about Moonlight Sushi before running into a portal to successfully escape! Go look to see what are the best Roblox games to date!