How to Get Free Skins in Fortnite 2024

Fortnite’s lively universe is famous for its eye-catching outfits and character modifications. Even though the most attractive Fortnite skins usually require a big V-Bucks payment, in 2024 there are methods to show off your style without spending any money. This guide gives you the understanding needed so you will know how to get free skins in Fortnite for yourself.

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The Rarity of Free Fortnite Skins

Free Fortnite skins have great value as they can be incredibly rare. Epic Games, unlike certain free-to-play games, is not very open to offering completely free character outfits. This makes getting new free Fortnite skin even more attractive and players are always excited to get something rare and unique for themselves.

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Current Methods for Scoring Free Skins (2024)

We have mentioned two ways that we particularly enjoy getting free skins at present. But, it is also a good idea to regularly check the news and updates from Fortnite so you can know about these special opportunities which might be available only for a limited period.

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How To Get Free Fortnite Skins With In-Game Events & Challenges

Epic Games sometimes gives you special events or tasks related to a particular theme, and if you complete them, they give out Fortnite free skins, emotes, sprays, and other nice-looking items. Winterfest is one of these events where players often get lots of gifts for the holidays.

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Tournament Triumph: Ascend the Ranks and Claim Victory

Feeling competitive? Prepare yourself and see how well you do in Fortnite tournaments. Some of the best players from these tournaments could get special skins, ones that cannot be found while playing normally. These Fortnite skins might be connected to ongoing partnerships with famous franchises or streamer personalities, giving them an exceptional touch

Beware! The Deceptive World of Fake Free Skin Codes

Even though the pull of complimentary skins is alluring, exercise caution with offers on the internet that guarantee free Fortnite skin codes. In most situations, these are scams made to either misuse your time or take away your details. It is quite rare for Epic Games to hand out free skin codes and when they do so it’s usually through official means such as social media gifts.

A Glimpse into the Past: Expired Free Skins (as of 2024)

As Fortnite seasons change and collaborations evolve, some free Fortnite skin opportunities become unavailable. Here’s a trip down memory lane to showcase some past free skins and how you could acquire them:

  • PlayStation Plus Exclusives: PlayStation Plus subscribers previously enjoyed exclusive access to certain skins, like Lina Scorch (Blazin’ Wheels Gear Pack) and Subzero Cryptic (Chilling Mystery Pack).
  • Event & Challenge Rewards: Past in-game events like Try Rocket Racing! or Coldest Circles Quests offered free Fortnite skins as participation rewards. Completing these challenges was a great way to add some variety to your character’s collection.
  • Refer a Friend Program: The Refer a Friend program, which might return in the future, is used to incentivize players with free skins like Xander and Rainbow Racer. By completing tasks with a friend, you could expand your wardrobe together.
  • Winterfest Cheer: Winterfest, Fortnite’s festive end-of-year celebration, has been known to shower players with delightful winter-themed freebies like Sled Ready Guff and Arctic Adeline. Keep an eye out for upcoming Winterfest events to see if the tradition continues.

Alternative Methods for Skins: Fortnite Crew

While not entirely free, subscribing to Fortnite Crew for $11.99 a month offers a steady stream of cosmetic rewards. Each month, Crew members receive brand new Fortnite skin and matching cosmetics alongside access to the Battle Pass, V-Bucks (which can be used to purchase more skins), and even Rocket Pass premium for Rocket League.

Exploring the World of Free Cosmetics

While free Fortnite skins might be rare, there are plenty of free cosmetic rewards up for grabs throughout the year! These can include:

  • Gliders: Take flight in style with free gliders that might be awarded during events or challenges.
  • Back Blings: Express yourself further with free back bling items that can be earned alongside free skins or through separate challenges.
  • Pickaxes: Swing into action with a variety of free pickaxes that might be offered as rewards or unlocked through gameplay milestones.
  • Sprays & Emotes: Show off your personality with free sprays and emotes that can be obtained through various means.

Bonus Tips for Players

  • Level Up Fast: Faster leveling unlocks more Battle Pass rewards, which can sometimes include free skins. Explore guides on efficient leveling to maximize your free skin potential.
  • Save Your V-Bucks: If you occasionally earn V-Bucks through gameplay or the Crew subscription, save them for truly coveted skins that aren’t free.
  • The Power of Community: Stay connected with the Fortnite community through forums and social media. Fellow players often share information about upcoming events and challenges that might offer Fortnite free skins or cosmetics.
  • Explore Alternative Guides: Delve into other Fortnite guides to discover additional ways to personalize your character without breaking the bank. Learn about hidden cosmetics, secret challenges, and tips for acquiring V-Bucks efficiently.


Be patient and keep trying. You may not get free skins every day, but if you pay attention to events, challenges, and the changing world of Fortnite, you can slowly create a variety of stylish looks without using any V-Bucks. This guide shows you how to make the most out of chances for free Fortnite skins, search for different ways to get cool cosmetics, and stay updated in 2024.