How to Get Metallica Skins in Fortnite

The famous music of Metallica is now in Fortnite, and you can change your game character to look like the band’s members. This collaboration is not just a passing trend; it offers an exciting opportunity for gamers to experience what it feels like to be part of thrash metal and show their rockstar side on the battlefield of Fortnite.

But with two distinct Fortnite skin sets and a ticking clock, navigating the path to Metallica-themed glory can be a bit headbanging. Fear not, fellow fans, for this comprehensive guide will equip you with everything you need to get Fortnite Metallica Skins.

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Festival Pass: The Direct Route to the Band

The Fortnite Festival Season 4 Pass, particularly the Premium Reward Track, gives a way to get all of Metallica Skins Fortnite. Whether you want James Hetfield skin, Kirk Hammett skin, Robert Trujillo skin as well as Lars Ulrich skin. Let us examine the specifics:

  • Cost: 1,800 V-Bucks. This is a significant investment, but considering you get four distinct skins and other Festival Pass rewards, it can be a good value.
  • Unlock Method: Head to the Fortnite Festival playlist and navigate to the Festival Pass tab. Here, you’ll find the option to purchase the Premium Reward Track.
  • Benefits: Gain immediate access to Lars Ulrich upon purchase. Progressing through the Festival Pass unlocks the remaining band members at designated point milestones, along with other in-game rewards.

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Unveiling the Band

The following are all the Metallica Band members making an appearance in Fortnite.

  • Lars Ulrich: The rhythmic backbone of Metallica becomes yours the moment you snag the Premium Pass. No need to break a sweat (yet)!
  • Robert Trujillo: Earn 2,000 Festival Points to unlock the iconic bassist and add his signature grooves to your Fortnite experience.
  • Kirk Hammett: Hit 9,000 Festival Points to unleash the lead guitarist’s virtuoso skills onto the battlefield. Prepare to shred the competition!
  • James Hetfield: Reach the pinnacle of 11,000 Festival Points to unlock the legendary frontman and truly command the stage (or battlefield).

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Earning Festival Points

These are a few quick and easy ways to earn yourself Festival Points before the season ends.

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Quest for Glory

Complete the various quests offered within the Fortnite Festival to rack up points. These quests will likely involve activities that align with the metal theme, so get ready to unleash your inner rockstar while progressing.

The Main Stage Awaits

Jump into the heart of the Festival and participate in activities on the Main Stage. These events could offer unique challenges or high-point rewards, perfect for boosting your progress.

Battle Jam: A Mosh Pit of Points

The new Battle Jam mode provides another avenue to earn points. This mode likely involves intense combat, so prepare to channel your inner Metallica mosh pit energy for maximum point gain.

Time Crunch

Remember, the Fortnite Festival Season 4 wraps up on August 16, 2024. Don’t get caught in a “Fade to Black” situation – grind those points efficiently to secure your Metallica avatars.

Embrace the Puppet Masters: A More Battle-Ready Look

For those seeking a fiercer aesthetic, the “Puppet Master” versions of Fortnite Metallica offer a battle-ready twist on the band members. These intimidating skins are available for purchase in the Item Shop through the enticing Metallica Bundle.

The Alluring Fortnite Metallica Bundle (3,400 V-Bucks)

You can get each cosmetic item on its own, however, the following are the reasons we recommend players to get the entire bundle.

Cost Savings

This bundle offers a significant discount compared to buying each Puppet Master skin and accompanying items separately. You’re looking at a total saving of 3,700 V-Bucks!

Content Extravaganza

Prepare to unleash a full-fledged Metallica assault with the bundle’s extensive content. Here is everything that would be included in the bundle:

  • All four Puppet Master Outfits (Lars, James, Kirk, Robert) – Channel the fury of metal in these imposing battle-ready avatars.
  • Matching LEGO Outfits (usable in LEGO Fortnite) – Show off your Metallica fandom even in the blocky world of LEGO Fortnite.
  • Unique Back Bling for Each Puppet Master – Complement your chosen Puppet Master with a thematic back bling that screams metal.
  • 5 Style Options for Each Outfit – Personalize your Puppet Master with skull masks, and a unique color-changing glow effect (yellow, blue, red) for added flair.
  • Lightning Dropper Contrail – Leave a trail of electrifying lightning bolts in your wake as you dominate the battlefield.

Beyond the Skins on Fortnite: The Soundtrack

The Fortnite Metallica collaboration extends beyond acquiring the skins. Immerse yourself fully in the metal experience with the following additions:

  • Where I May Roam: This iconic Metallica track becomes yours as a Jam Track and Lobby Track. Blast it while chilling in the lobby or unleash it during intense battles to truly get into the headbanging spirit.
  • Emote Potential: While details are still emerging, rumors suggest the possibility of exclusive Metallica-themed emotes arriving in the Item Shop. Imagine recreating iconic on-stage moments or moshing it out with your squad!

The Choice is Yours

Whether you choose the value-packed Festival Pass route or rock out with the flashy Puppet Masters, you can unleash your inner Metallica fan in Fortnite. So crank up the tunes, grab your favorite Fortnite skin, and prepare to dominate the battlefield (or stage) in true metal fashion!