How To Play Better At Roblox Generic Cooking Game

U7BUY can let you receive in-game currencies at a fraction of their regular prices. Check out some of the Robux for sale there now! The ‘Generic Cooking Game’ on Roblox is popular thanks to its in-depth cooking mechanics and a plethora of recipes to learn and cook for customers. However, it can be overwhelming and challenging at first keeping up with all the orders you see all while managing a crazy kitchen full of other players. Where do you start?

Where to Start on a New Server

You can also buy Roblox accounts with U7BUY too! Check them out! This advice can be applied even after you become a Roblox seasoned player. The first thing that you should look at is the five stars located at the very top of your screen. There are three golden ones and two blue ones. The Roblox gold stars are filled depending on the quality and amount of food served. The blue is for how clean the restaurant is.

Each server that you join will more than likely always have its gold stars filled. But if the blue stars are not complete, then you could help the other Roblox players quickly by cleaning up the restaurant a bit before placing orders yourself. This can be done by taking the mop to clean messes on floors or the cloth for the windows which can both be found in the janitor’s closet. Doing so will not only earn you some money but will allow more customers to come in at once!

Completing Orders

Now we get to the meat of the game (pun intended). There are LOTS of orders to choose from in the dining room which can make you quickly feel in a rush as a new Roblox player and even sometimes as an experienced one, but there is no worry. What truly affects your star score or the amount of Roblox money the restaurant makes is how well you do at making the orders themselves rather than just the number of orders you take.

When picking an order, try picking one that has most of their time filled up to make you feel less rushed. The more you play, the more comfortable you will get at making food with less time and even have some recipes memorized. Let’s take this Roblox Hot Dog order for example. It has much of its time bar filled and is relatively a beginner-friendly and quick recipe.

When completing any order when starting as a new Roblox player, the most common mistake is viewing the recipe manually by always pressing the ‘Recipe’ button. Instead, click on the ‘Display Recipe’ button on the same menu so that the recipe you need, and its instructions are always shown for you.

Looking around the kitchen, there are a lot of gadgets and tools to learn about. Where do you even start? Well once again, be sure to just keep an eye on the recipe you have selected. You don’t have an unlimited amount of time, but you have longer than what you will think at first.

After playing for a while and having to complete lots of Roblox recipes, you will notice the patterns between all of them and realize that some of them are pretty similar. For example, looking back at the hot dog order will start you off with molding some dough. Pressing the ‘e’ key will open a long menu list of different things you can mold the dough into such as the hot dog bun that you will need. A lot of recipes will rely on the dough being the first step, so keep that in mind!

Cooking Your Ingredients

Almost all the Roblox recipes you do will involve you cooking your ingredients in some way using heat. The most common of these is the Roblox stovetop. Here you will have to use either a pan or a pot. Either way, to tell if something is cooking through when using any source of heat by hovering your cursor over the food. You will see a bar that will fill up to tell you how cooked it is. A ding sound will also be made when fully cooked even when you’re far away.

An important tip when handling the stovetop is how to prevent your food from burning. Not only can it burn from being overcooked but can catch on fire before you even place the food in a pan or pot! This is a commonly overlooked mistake, but always make sure the open flame of the stove is off. This will prevent you and other Roblox players’ ingredients from burning immediately. Get some cheap Robux gift cards with U7BUY now!